Taking Time to be Thankful

by Julia Phillips Smith

This was the latest Thanksgiving dinner I attended, at my cousin Julianne's house. Here in Canada we celebrate a month earlier than in the States, but the sentiment is the same.

I'm glad both nations set aside a day to take stock of what's wonderful in our lives, and to give thanks for it.

This has been a rather exceptional year for me, creatively. So I'd like to take this opportunity to give thanks to the people who helped to make two huge dreams come true for me this year. I'd like to start with my mom, Paulette, shown above at right, who did an outstanding job in the art department and wardrobe for the book trailer shoot.

Tara MacDonald produced both of my book trailers, thereby ending a 16-year drought in my directing life. Thanks for creating a set that was a joy to walk onto.

My cousin Julianne MacLean, who believed in my vampire story from the get-go, and my sister Daisy Piper, who along with our cousin first walked the self-publishing path to indie authorhood and showed me the way. Thanks for being the dreamiest roomies on the dreamiest trip to Manhattan, and for taking me to a dream-come-true performance of Swan Lake at Lincoln Center.

To my friend Kelly Boyce, shown at left - thank you for eight years of collecting me for the drive to our writers' meetings, and for your friendship.

To Jennie Marsland and Lori Robitaille, shown at right, and to all the members of my writers' group, thank you for the incredible support, generosity, inspiration and skill-sharing.

To Andrew Miller, who designed the book cover for my debut release, SAINT SANGUINUS, thank you for doing such a kick-ass job.

To my nephew Jake - thanks for agreeing to be the cover model for my book.

And to my husband Brad - thanks for doing triple duty for the book trailer shoot, and for brainstorming me out of several plot problems when I was merging two separate POV storylines into one novel.

Thank you so much to the entire team who helped turn me from a writer into an author this year. May the blessings you've brought me shower down upon all of you in return.


  1. Excellent Julia! Thank you for all the acknowledgements and compliments, and for not using the picture of me with my mullet. I hope you are feeling better.
    It has been quite a journey for you; thanks for pulling into my station on February 23rd and letting me on board.

  2. Thanks, Julia. Really - it was a joy to work with you as your Producer and I'm glad we were able to form a friendship.
    "Live, then."
    I appreciate everything that sparked the 2010 Writers Retreat video conversation.

  3. Hear, hear, Julia! We belong to the greatest group of writers on the planet. And we all have a lot to be thankful for.

  4. Sans - I rather think that photo is the quintessential you.

    Tara - ME, too!

    Jennie - And you are currently forging new trails for our local Halifax, Nova Scotia group. *applause*


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