Entering the Ebook Publishing Arena

So...I got this wacky idea that I should put my Zentangle art books on Smashwords. How did that come about? Well, a friend of mine said she'd done hers there and frankly, I was curious. Always in search of a new format and better way to reach readers, I considered looking at the sight. WOW! Some really neat books are listed and the non-fiction list is as good as the fiction list.
I plan to try my hand at it and see where ti takes me.
I'm also going to put my latest novel Murder on Spyglass Lane up there for a miniscule amount of money. It's a story that includes a sexy swashbuckling pirate-like character, a psychic who dislikes her ability, a sweet Bassett hound, and of course....Murder. The story takes place on Florida's west coast in present day. Stay tuned. I hope to have the book up by tomorrow.
For now...Onward & Upward


  1. Great idea about Smashwords--I've heard only good things about it from the writers' group I belong to. Rick Bylina, one of them, has some great info about it on his blog:


    Best of luck!


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