Dinner Ala Rudolph Valentino

From the kitchen of Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy.....

Influenced by my favorite star of the silent film era, Rudolph Valentino, a huge pot of homemade pasta sauce simmers as we speak on my stove, bubbling and burbling with equally homemade meatballs.  It's my version of Rudy's sauce - no one has the exact recipe he used but there have been several versions making the rounds over the decades since his untimely death in 1926 - influenced a bit my the one my own late grandfather used to make.  Some of the ingredients include red wine, extra virgin imported olive oil, mushrooms, onions, and garlic.

It smells wonderful.  And I think it will taste even better.  My big fear is my family will now reject any attempt on my part to palm off a quick weeknight dinner with a jar or can of sauce from the supermarket shelf.

But if so, it's worth it to introduce their palate to the real thing.  And, by all acounts, despite his stardom, his chic lifestyle, and fame, Valentino preferred the simple, humble food of his native land and culture - meatballs, spaghetti and sauce.

Now as tasty as my sauce may prove to be....here's something equally delicious.

And how about this....

And maybe this for dessert...

I'm baking a loaf of peasant bread to go along with my main dish....

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