Where are they now? Dawson's Creek Hotties!

by JoAnne Kenrick
For those who follow me on Twitter and Facebook, you know why I'm doing this blog. But for the benefit of folks who stumbled upon this blog from goodness knows where, let me explain.
For starters, we could blame Netflix for me having watched all six seasons of Dawson's Creek over a two week period. But Netflix was just the enabler. We can, 100%, blame the B___ in Apartment 23. Having mentions of Dawson's Creek in every single episode, it was inevitable I'd end up wanting to revisit the old gang. While watching, it occurred to me that all the leading males in the series ended up moving on to different, often better, things. And they are looking good! Very good.
So...let's get on with the flash back and look forward and you can tell me if you agree... that age has been kind to them. Oh...and post your favorite Dawson's Creek moments and hotties! Right, let's go to the Creek.

James Van Der Beek
AKA Dawson Leery
Dawson, of course we should start with him. He's the star of the show after all.
And we all know where he is now. His current role is playing himself, an actor haunted by his most famous role on Don't Trust The B___ in Apartment 23, a hilarious sit com where a wee country gal moves to the bit city for a new job but finds herself jobless and homeless in a matter of hours of her arrival. But her bad luck turns around when she finds an affordable apartment share with...yeah, you guessed it, it Don't Trust The B____ from Apartment 23. And she really is a mean piece of work. Oh, and he has been in plenty of movies and guest starred in several shows. One of my favorites is Mrs. Miracle.
Don't Trust The B___ In Apartment 23
Dawson's Creek

Joshua Jackson
AKA Pacey Witter
Pacey, my favorite. His romance with Joey made me swoon... come on, don't tell me that whole 'I'm going to count to ten and then kiss you. If you don't want me to, stop me.' line didn't get to you from the Stolen Kisses episode. I really didn't like Joey all that much; too indecisive and I found myself wanting to strangle her on many occasions. But with Pacey, she was a likable gal. He made her look good. Heck, he could make any girl look good! And where is Pacey now? He's in the wacky world of Fringe where all kinds of weird stuff happens, that's where! But he's made the odd pitstop and starred in a few movies. One of my favorites is One Week. Very emotional, very beautiful, and very Pacey!
Dawson's Creek

Kerr Smith
AKA Jack McPhee
Jack, the pretty gay football hero. I loved his friendship with Jen, how he always seemed to battle through his downs with a blast of 'hanging on in there'. A real trouper. I wished he could have had more on the romance front, but I guess for the 90s, they were limited in what they could show/do. Anyway....good old Jack ended up in another of my favorite shows as Kyle Brody. Charmed. Also, a vampire flick called The Forsaken.
Life Unexpected
Dawson's Creek

Jensen Ackles
And then there's C.J. Did you forget about him? I did. And boy was I surprised when I saw him strut into the scene and into Jen's heart. It's Dean, I screamed, from Supernatural. Yup. It was him alright. And he sure looked very different back then. He runs the helplines and leaves Jen up the 'creek' as a single parent. Grrrr, you bad boy C.J.
Dawson's Creek

And I must mention these characters...

AKA Doug Witter
Doug, Cape Side Policeman and Pacey's overbearing older brother who softened to become a considerate sibling and apparently gay. Yes, he ended up with the lovely Jack and together, they planned on taking care of Jen's baby. Another paranormal hottie...he had a role in one awesome vampire show, Blood Ties, again as a police detective. Seems he has a thing for uniforms. Me, too. So that works out well!

Dana Ashbrook
AKA Rich Rinaldi
This is more a blast from the past rather than a where are they now.
Rich, the slim ball of a stock broker with attitude with whom Pacey worked for while he lost all of Dawson's film money. Naughty Pacey! Anyway, Rich was once upon a time Bobby in Twin Peaks.

 Fade out to Paula Cole's I Don't Want To Wait....


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