A unique paranormal romance by Kellyann Zuzulo

Friday's Revolving Book is the paranormal romance THE GENIE IGNITES by KELLYANN ZUZULO

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Love can last forever. But Bethany O'Brien needs to be convinced, especially because the man of her dreams is a jinni. Zubis was born of fire nearly 4,000 years ago and shared a searing affair with Bethany when she was a priestess in King Solomon's temple. He remains captive in the 21st century only until a final wish is made and he loses Bethany forever. He has little time to remind her of the love they shared. Can she trust him? Is their lost love the piece that has been missing from her life? She will travel across three continents into glamorous worlds, confronting magic and mystery, seduction and devotion in order to learn the truth. Along the way, Bethany and Zubis will reignite the flames of passion that once bound them one to the other.


Amazon Customer Reviews: http://tinyurl.com/9vlx66g

"Kellyann Zuzulo brings the magic! Her knowledge of Middle Eastern & jinn legend combined with her flair for writing engaging fiction with deep character relationships come together to create a great read. Get it while you can!"

"This unique story keeps you engaged from start to finish! I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series."

A former journalist, Kellyann Zuzulo is a published author of romances that delve into the world of the jinn. Her most recent novel is The Genie Ignitesfrom Boroughs Publishing Group. The second book in The Zubis Chronicles series is The Genie Smolders and will be released later in 2012. Kellyann lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, three children and two tiny terriers. Visit her website at http://www.kfzuzulo.com


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  1. Thanks for hosting my genie today at The Pop Culture Divas! I'm very excited about this book because it's the first in a series that will follow the entrancing trail of Zubis, the jinni who loves Bethany O'Brien, a human woman. I've done a lot of research into what the realm of the jinn is actually believed to be. I think readers will not only get a great love story but will cross into this exotic world from our own 21st-century one.


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