Amazon Books Outsell New York!

by JoAnne Kenrick

"In a letter to literary agents, Amazon Publishing VP Jeff Belle shares sales numbers for some of the company’s titles and says that authors who previously worked with other publishers — like Barry Eisler — are doing better under Amazon." -- Paid Content

In this letter, Belle claims authors previously published with the major publishing houses in New York are now doing better, three times better in some cases, with their Amazon published titles.

The Detachment by Barry Eisler, has sold three times more than any of his previous titles with the previously thought 'bigger' publishers, and Connie Brockway also tripled her usual sales with her recent Montlake (an Amazon imprint) release The Other Guy's Bride.

Hows that for a kicker?
Did anyone ever see that one coming, that Amazon would take over as the leading publisher of fiction? Oh, yeah. We kind of did. They do seem to have this whole Pinky and the Brain deal doing on when it comes to books, and I love that! I love their passion and driving force. Now, if only they'd cap all ebook sale prices in their store to all under 9.99 as originally promised, I might just start a love affair with amazon! Just saying. Because I'm willing to bet all those books that out sold the New York ones weren't priced at $15 a pop! No way. Amazon gets it. Now, if only those stuffy old publishers would.

Dracula's Kiss by JoAnne Kenrick is a paranormal 1Night Stand book with decadent publishing 's 1NS series and set in actual castle ruins which inspired Stoker  when writing Dracul

Affordable content is more enticing, don't you think?

By JoAnne Kenrick [ ]
Bestselling author of romances, both contemporary and paranormal.
Grab Dracula’s Kiss this October; a Decadent Publishing 1NS story set in actual Scottish castle ruins that inspired Stoker when writing Dracula. A tasty treat not to be missed this Halloween! Available to purchase for just 2.99 at your favorite e-book stores.


  1. This is one of the reasons I went into panic mode yesterday when I dropped my Kindle one time too many and broke it for good. Love the one-click. Lov

    1. one might say I love that one-click buy a little too much. Well, my husband would LOL! Hey, libraries should offer a 'borrow an ereader' service -- could come in handy for moments when you have device fail, or for those a little cautious about dipping their toes into the digital reading world. That way, you could have a reader to keep you hanging on until your new kindle arrives xx

  2. Sorry had trouble adding comments. I agree that Amazon should keep ebook prices low -- or at least the same as the paperback version. Makes no sense to charge more for the Kindle version than the paperback.

    1. No worries. And thanks for stopping by and commenting, Taryn xx

      It does seem odd how a digital book would be more expensive than a mass market paperback. Very odd indeed. Hopefully the future will see a drop in those extortionate prices.

    2. Unfortunately, Amazon has had no control over most e-book prices. But that's finally going go change back soon. Google DOJ and publishing or DOJ and Agency pricing (or a combination of those words) and you'll be able to read lots about it. The big 6 publishers and apple colluded to keep e-book prices high and forced a pricing structure onto Amazon. Department of Justice (in US) and the equivalent body in Europe took them to court and won.

    3. Nothing stops me pushing "buy" more quickly than being able to buy the print version (especially a hardcover) more cheaply than the e-book...

      I've got a book (Deviants) coming out from Amazon in a month--ack--and getting nervous. Praying they do half as well with mine. :)

  3. Great piece, JoAnne! Amazon really has changed the face of publishing and makes it so much easier for readers to read the authors they love and for authors to reach their readership. Part of what Amazon won't tell you is that Barry Eisler brought his readership with him. He was already firmly established because he had broken in through traditional publishing. I'd like to see Amazon do more to get behind new authors. Bottom line, though, it's exciting to see the evolution of publishing.
    And I agree with you about the cap on prices. I pretty much have a rule now not to buy books over $10. There are enough choices below that :D

    Best Wishes,

  4. Affordable content isn't merely enticing. It's downright addictive! That's marvelous news about the DOJ. And as someone who travels quite often, my Kindle has vastly simplified my packing process. No more hauling as many paperbacks as I can cram into a carry-on. One book, or maybe a crossword puzzle, to get me through the ban on electronic devices during lift off and touchdown...then it's all Kindle!


    + TK

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