Authors, Are You Up To Date? Kindles Are Changing.

by JoAnne Kenrick

It's simple; are you up to date with your Author Central page?
If not, you could be loosing out on readers.

Since the evolution of the reader, and Amazon introduced their new babies (Paperwhite and the new Kindle Fire) a new feature is born. A feature you may be missing out if your author profiles are outdated.

It's a well known fact; author profiles give readers a little more about the books and the author. Many click to find more books by the author, or to see their latest tweet and even to read their latest blog. If your profile is up to date, great! if not...go, do it now.


Readers can access that information even easier, directly from their devices.
Amazon has developed a new feature for the Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire HD, which means the reader has instant access to all your information and any time you update your bio or claim a new book through Author Central, amazon will update About the Author on Kindle so readers have access to the most recent information.

If you haven't got an author central account yet, go get one here:

And if you do, be sure to take advantage of the new features by updating your information and making sure ALL your books are listed on your page. Amazon suggests the following:
  1. Claim all your books in Author Central. In the Author Central Books tab, make sure your bibliography is complete so that your About the Author profile is available in every one of your books.
  2. Make sure you're happy with your profile page. All About the Author pages will use the image that you have designated as primary in Author Central. Make sure that you have an image uploaded. We encourage you to feature yourself in the photo.
  3. Update your biography in Author Central. Readers are going to your profile because they want to know more about you and your books. In the Author Central Profile tab, bring your bio up to date.
NOTE: You will need to repeat this for If you don't currently have an account there, you can easily create one by going to and signing in with your regular US account. Then click the links to take you to the  UK author central site.

By JoAnne Kenrick [ ]

Bestselling author of romances, both contemporary and paranormal.

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  1. Oh, I didn't do the site. Must go do that one. Thanks JoAnne! :)


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