Boardwalk Empire-era novel takes first prize in Historical Fiction!

Friday's Revolving Book is the mystery THE HAT by BABETTE HUGHES.
GENRE: Murder/Mystery/Romance/Historical
Boardwalk Empire Era Novel Takes First Prize in Historical Fiction!
The Hat received first prize for Historical Fiction from the Texas Association of Authors.
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PUBLISHER: Sunstone Press

SYNOPSIS:"The Hat" has its roots in personal history. What lends this novel its authenticity is that its author, Babette Hughes, is the daughter of a bootlegger who was murdered by the Mafia when she was an infant. Hughes (née Rosen) spent years piecing together her father’s bootlegging career and murder, despite her mother’s attempt to hide the truth. "The Hat" draws directly on the drama of Hughes’s search for the truth, as told in her acclaimed memoir, Lost And Found. The novel begins in 1931 with the brief, chilling murder of the godfather of the Jewish bootlegging world, Ben Gold. The killer disappears without a trace and Chapter Two, in flashback, introduces Kate Brady, who has just been fired from her Depression-era job working at Shapiro’s Bakery. She has little hope of a future until she meets the magnetic, wealthy Ben Gold, who immediately identifies her as his future wife. They marry in a brilliantly described wedding.The charged love affair between Kate and Gold’s employee, Bobby Keane, and their struggle to escape the dangerous Gold, is revealed later in the book. Ultimately, "The Hat" is the story of Kate’s struggle for lost innocence, selfhood, and freedom. Of courage in the struggle with evil. Of bravery in the face of danger. And of being led into daylight
by the restoring power of love.
“Riveting.... The book sizzles with sex.... Its harrowing conclusion left me breathless. Hughes is a gifted writer”.
----Violet Spevack, Cavalcade columnist, Cleveland Jewish News
“For Babette Hughes, writing has been her lifeline. The words that spill forth during her daily writing practice turn her past trauma and heartaches into art. Hughes’ latest work, “The Hat” is no exception.”
---- The Jewish Outlook
''This is a terrific story that chronicles the beginning of the Mafia and its revelations that profoundly changed lives forever.''
----Jewish Book World
Babette Hughes, author of "The Hat" and "Lost And Found", and co-author of "Why College Students Fail", has also been published in the Saturday Review; she's been Contributing Editor of Cleveland Magazine; a twice-weekly columnist for the Cleveland Press; and has published articles and book reviews in the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Sunday Magazine. She has also written, produced and appeared in television documentaries and news and feature stories for Cleveland television stations WKYC-NBC and WNBK-UHF.
In addition to her writing career she was National Director of Women’s Political Action for Hubert Humphrey in his 1972 Presidential campaign, as well as founder and President of Discover Yourself, Inc., a motivation and self realization program for women. She was also Director of Public Relations for Revco D.S., Inc. in Twinsburg, Ohio, and Account Executive with Frazier Associates, in Washington, DC. She and her husband live in Austin, Texas, and are the parents and step-parents of eight children.


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