Facebook Dos and Don'ts for Authors

by Joanne Kenrick

I've had a lot of online promotional posts over October, with a book tour for two books happening and all the halloween blog hops. In preparation, I took a closer look at how I could approach sharing the links without bugging or spamming my followers/friends on Facebook, and basic Facebook manners.

I figured my observations might be of use to others so....here they are.
Feel free to chime in with your own in the comments section, or comment on my notes.


...share your posts as they go live. Readers want to know when there is a new post or contest up for them. So long as you only post that link twice in one day, it's all good. One for the morning crowd, and one later in the day.

...thank folks who repost and share the link. Really. Take that two second slot to go out of your way to thank them. They went out of their way for you!

...let folks know you or your books are up for votes somewhere. Dedicated readers like to show their support.

...make sure your profile is bang up to date with links to your site, blog, amazon author page, and newsletter.

...engage with your fans...meaning TALK to them, make small talk and chitter chat with them. Don't make it all about the promotional side of things.


...make up events for your blog tours, book releases, anniversary bash etc... and then invite a million and one-- basically everyone on your friend list-- to it. Folks hate that. Hate having their feed cluttered with silly event invites and game app requests. It's okay to set up those event pages, but just share them on your page. People interested will click to see if they wish to attend. Don't be an invite spammer.

...share your blog post several times in one day to various groups etc.. that you belong to on Facbeook. Most of those groups you belong to, I do to. Meaning, I will see the same post multiple times in one blast. If I can, it means your readers will most likely, too.  I've blocked people from my newsfeed for doing that. Twenty posts all the same does not make for an interesting Facebook newsfeed. Stagger them out, folks. Your readers and followers will thank you for it!

...hold a contest on your page or profile unless it adheres to Facebook's guidelines Remember, it's against Facebook's rules and regulations UNLESS you are doing it via a tab on your page -- read Facebooks rules and regs to get the full details before you consider holding a contest via your page or profile -- You may get your account suspended. And we'd miss you!

...tag your friends/followers in book covers or other promotional images that have nothing, NOTHING, to do with them. It's rude. Plain and simple.

...post your promotional posts on other people's walls or pages. Spam much? Hello!

...get political. I know I said to engage with your followers/friends earlier, but that doesn't mean you should shout out about your religious and political views. Don't do it. It can be a real turn off.

By JoAnne Kenrick [www.joannekenrick.com ]
Bestselling author of romances, both contemporary and paranormal.

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