A New Year - A New Exclusive Commitment

From the desk of Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy….

You know how it is when you’re single and play the field.  You date who you like and although you may have a closer relationship with one significant other over another, you pick and choose.  Although you may go to a big league ball game with A on Saturday, you don’t want to turn down the posh dinner offer from B on Sunday or miss the chance to see the brand-new movie with C on Tuesday night.  It’s fun and yet you’re divided.  Sooner or later, you find yourself drawn to one more than the others.  At some point, one may ask you to date exclusively and its decision making time.  Do you keep dating at will or do you settle down to see what the future holds with just one?  And at some point, you have to make up your mind what’s best for you.

I’ve been married eighteen years and holding so we’re not talking about dating.  Instead, I’m talking about publishers.  In the past two and a half years, I’ve been blessed to have my fiction ranging from novel length to short stories picked up by various publishers.  Over time, I ended up writing and publishing with more than one – Champagne Books, Evernight Publishing, Rebel Ink Press, and Astraea Press.  And to be honest, I like all of them and I believe I’ve enjoyed great working relationships with all of them.  I’ve had the expertise of some of the best editors in the business and I’ve learned a great deal.

I could go all Biblical and say no man – or woman – can serve more than one master but I won’t.  I will confess I long considered trimming down the number of publishers I work with and focus my goals with one but choosing seemed difficult.  So I maintained and waited.   And then it happened.

Rebel Ink Press began sharing what was in the works for 2013 and it sounded awesome.  As many readers and fans know, I currently have more titles with Rebel Ink than with any other publisher and more upcoming.  And throughout my career as an author, I’ve been known to share the fact Rebel Ink Press authors and staff is like family.  There IS a distinct Rebel difference.

So when our publisher and editor invited me to become part of a new Rebel team for 2013, the Rebel Elite, I was thrilled – and humbled.  And I wanted to, very much, but I have two works slated for next year with other publishers so I wasn’t sure I could do it.  I explained my situation and then – this is part of the Rebel difference – I became part of the Rebel Elite 2013, I did the hugest happy dance ever. And I'm in some amazing and talented company!

I’m a little sad to part ways with the other publishers but the time has come to move forward.  The theme for the coming year is Rebel 2013 – Rise Above and I’m on board to do so.

Many exciting things are coming soon and I’ll keep the world updated.  You can count on that.

In the meantime, I’m celebrating my fourteen releases so far with Rebel, my other releases, the two upcoming (Urban Renewal, Champagne, 3/3/2013 and The Widow’s End, Astraea) press.

I also have five contracts signed and works upcoming from Rebel Ink Press so far in 2013 with more on the way.

The first two up from Rebel will be Ronan’s Woman on January 17 and Three of Hearts in February.


Stay tuned – it’s going to be an amazing, marvelous ride into the future from here!
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