Sometimes you have to stand up for what's right.

Valley of LawlessFriday's Revolving Book is the western VALLEY OF THE LAWLESS by LEE MARTIN!

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Matt Landry is fed up with politics and his life in Washington as a delegate. So he returns to Wyoming Territory to marry his fiancĂ© Adrian Driscoll, an elegant young woman he met during a brief courtship in Cheyenne. With Adrian as his bride, he intends to start his own spread, and have the family he’s always wanted.

But Matt has no idea that Adrian’s father King Driscoll, is a corrupt rancher, who has control of the entire cattle market in northern Wyoming; that Adrian’s brother Kirby is a twisted sadist who loves to inflict pain; and that King will stop at nothing, even murder, to stay in power. When Matt steps in to help a young widow, whose husband is murdered on King Driscoll’s orders, his life takes a completely different turn.

Now, Matt has to make a decision. Does he fight for what he believes in or does he turn the other way for the sake of his bride?

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I was born in the mountains of Northern California. My father was part Cherokee and worked on various cattle ranches and we all followed the rodeos. My mother was second generation Portuguese-American. It was a fairly big family, with five kids. Hard times made for a close-knit group.

After graduating high school at 16 and passing the exam for the University of California, Berkeley, I had to put education on hold to help out at home. A few years later, I passed the College Equivalency Exam, attended Peninsula University Law School in Mountain View, California, and practiced law for several years.

I now write full time, having sold 42 short stories, most of them Westerns and 17 Western novels published by Avalon Books in a five-year period. I’ve also notched screenwriter to my belt. I write everything, but focus mostly on westerns. I am a proud member of Western Writers of America.

My upcoming western film SHADOW ON THE MESA will be broadcast on the Hallmark Movie Channel by June of 2013. Produced by Larry Levinson Productions, it stars Kevin Sorbo, Wes Brown, Gail O’Grady, Greg Evigan, Shannon Lucio, Micah Alberti, Barry Corbin and Meredith Baxter. It previewed September 10, 2012 on Dish TV’s PixL Channel.


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