A review of Carly Phillips’ Perfect Fit

Okay, in the interest of full disclosure, I love Carly Phillips. Her novels never cease to make me smile and I really get into her characters. All that to say, I went into Perfect Fit wanting to love the novel and I was so not disappointed. Oh, and there will be spoilers here, just in case.

Mike Marsden as the smokin’ hot Chief of Police in Serenity, NY is the perfect alpha. He’s quiet, conflicted about his place in the world, and not real sure about how the idea of stability fits into his overall view of the world. What he does know is that he wants Officer Cara Hartley. He wants her more than he wants his next breath.

Cara is not without her own conflicts. I love this about her, because it’s very real. Her overall motivations are very relatable and make sense in the way the scars of her childhood bleed over into her adulthood. She’s smart, funny, caring, everything a read wants in a heroine.

Together, they are definitely a couple you want to root for. Mike comes from a loving family, but feels like a man apart because his bio dad and his actual dad aren’t the same guy. His family doesn’t see him that way, but how others see us sometimes bears very little relation to how we see ourselves. This is definitely the case. Cara is there for him, supportive, but not a doormat, standing up to him when he needs a swift kick in the ass. Fortunately for both, that’s not often.

The honesty of the characters got to me. They’re both very honest in their lives, even though they both have complicated pasts, and they are honest and up front with each other. There’s no hidden agenda, no insta-angst, just add water. The angst is well-founded and completely in line with the characters themselves. He never stays in one place too long and doesn’t know if he ever wants to settle down, she is settled down and wants a man to stand by her as they make their way in the world together, and both of them are helplessly, heedlessly attracted to one another.

As the story progresses, the mystery of the old alleged brothel on the outskirts of town and the family angst caused by the return of Mike’s bio-dad flow seamlessly with the rest of the story, weaving though the hot love story to leave it tied up in a big glittery purple bow. (sorry, I love purple and glitter, just how I roll)
If you’re looking for a great read, something to keep you warm during the cold winter months, Carly Phillips’ new book will be the Perfect Fit. 


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