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            There’s just something about an Irishman.  The accent is to die for, so melodious and seductive…they tend to offer a brilliant combination of charm, of wit, of sweetness tempered with sensuality and are often rough and tumble men.

            Ronan O’Neill is no different….even if he happens to be an Irishman back in 1850.

            Ronan is the hero of my latest release, a short (and first of a series of Ronan stories) just out this week from Rebel Ink Press.  Ronan’s Woman is available in all the usual places (Amazon, All Romance Ebooks, Bookstrand and Barnes and Noble) for just $1.99.

            Here’s the blurb:

             After surviving the Irish famines, Ronan O’Neill’s spent his time since arriving in America fighting to earn his keep.  His bare knuckles, no holds bar style may put food into his belly but a fight in a tiny Ozarks settlement brings more than he expected.  Not only is he injured, he meets a woman, Jane, who offers to tend his wounds and brings him home.  Bleeding, aching, and with no place else to go, Ronan agrees to the pretty woman’s request.  Although she proves to be an outcast, she’s also a widow with a few fey ways and a connection to him he can’t begin to understand.  As he heals, he realizes he might – after so long – find his way home.

            So far, in just a few days, a lot of readers have raved about the cover – those seductive eyes, the sexy hot guy….so check it out:

            Here’s a little snippet from the story:

            Her dark eyes softened with tenderness. “It’s just you look so pitiful, poor man,” Jane said. “You’ve got bruises on your face and you hold yourself so stiff, I know you’re hurting.  I wish I could do more to help you.”

            Jane raised one hand and touched the edge of his face.  She cupped his cheek for a moment and he savored her touch, light and filled with caring.  Although he couldn’t understand it, she seemed as taken with him as he was with her.  “Ye’ve done plenty,” Ronan said. “Ye brought me home, tended my wounds, and let me sleep in yer bed.  Woman, it’s more than most would do for anyone and me a stranger.”

            “I reckon so,” Jane said.

            Curiosity prompted him to ask the question heavy on his heart. “Why did ye? I doubt ye bring men home as a rule, do ye?”

            She shook her head. “No, I don’t.”

            “So why did ye?”

            An odd expression flitted across her face, a hybrid of fear, excitement, and something more he couldn’t place. “You won’t believe me if I tell you,” Jane said.  “Or you’ll think I’m a witch for sure.”

            “Woman, I won’t,” Ronan said. “Tell me for there’s a thing here I don’t understand.”

            Jane’s dark eyes met his and she sighed. “I dreamed of you, Ronan, three nights past.  I dreamed you’d come and there’d be a fist fight for money at the fairground.  I don’t often go to such but I went to see if you’d come and you did.”

            A slight shiver traveled down his spine as he listened. Ronan, reared to put out the odd bit of milk and bread for the faery folk, believed her.  His own ma possessed the sight and he’d grown up in a house where she read omens, sometimes saw the dead, and could predict the future on occasion. Jane might not be a witch, a dabbler in evil or in converse with the devil, Ronan thought but she was a dark one, no doubt about it, just like his mother.   Deep in thought, he didn’t answer immediately and Jane cried, “You do think I’m a witch, don’t you?”

            Ronan saw tears fill her eyes and without premeditation he reached out to wipe a stray tear from her cheek. “Woman, don’t weep,” he said. “I don’t think ye witch at all and I believe ye.  My ma back in Ireland, she was the same.  Ye wouldn’t know but I don’t trust easy.  I don’t let anyone come so close or help me.  But I let ye, Jane, I did so. I believe ye.  Now, would ye maybe be letting me have the whiskey first then the tea?”


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And for fun – here’s the unofficial blurb for the next bit of Ronan’s saga, from Ronan’s Life coming March 17 from Rebel Ink Press (St. Patrick’s Day of course – perfect for an Irishman!)

Bare knuckles brawler Ronan O’Neill thinks he may have found a place to stay in Jane’s cabin on the Ozark frontier. But before he can enjoy all the comforts of home, his wound festers and his life is threatened. Without Jane, he’ll never survive but she draws upon all her skills as a healer and fey ways to keep him alive. As he burns with fever and dreams of survival, he’s struck by one thought above all others – he’s come to love this woman and if he doesn’t die, he’ll not only stay and find a home but regain a life. He has everything to live for – if he can.


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