Thursday Thirteen - 261 - 13 of My Obsessions

by Julia Phillips Smith

As a creative person, I've always surrendered to my various obsessions, even from a young age.

Something about each one spoke to the storyteller in me. I like to use the words surrender and passion when referring to my creative process, because immersing myself into my story world helps me to find my characters and do my world building.

To qualify as an obsession, these shows, characters, actors, dancers, etc. had to keep me thinking about them long after my initial encounter with them, to the point of dominating my inner landscape.

Here's a walk down the memory lane of my obsessions. Aspects of everything here definitely shows up in some form in my own writing.

1 – Kimba the White Lion

2 – The Chronicles of Narnia

 5 – Star Wars - in particular, Luke Skywalker

 6 – Ballet - in particular, the National Ballet of Canada

 7 – The Sharpe series, in particular Sean Bean

 8 – The Phantom of the Opera, in particular Gerard Butler

9 – Guy of Gisborne from BBC's Robin Hood, in particular as played by Richard Armitage

10 - Gogol Bordello, in particular lead singer Eugene Hutz

11 – Russian male ballet dancers, in particular Ivan Vasiliev

12 – Supernatural, in particular Dean Winchester

13  This clip is from a 2003 Russian series that takes place in Victorian-era Imperial Russia. The subtitles shown are in Finnish, so I've included the You Tube translation.

Vladimir: Did you notice I left your funeral? I failed you again. I always wanted to be like you. But I always disappointed you. What am I suppose to do? I cannot forgive. I cannot, I tired but I could not. Can you forgive me for my weakness? All I wanted was for you to be proud of me, Dad. What is Life without you?

What are you doing here?

Anna: I came to say goodbye to him once more. Sorry to bother you.
Vladimir: There is no reason to apologize.
Anna: He should not have needed to die.
Vladimir: As long as we remember him, he is here with us. When he came to my room in the morning, he always claimed that he had forgotten something there.
Anna: He drew a finger at the desk surface.
Vladimir: I tried to guess at what he drew. And when he got some good news, he acted like it was nothing.
Anna: Although he always guessed right.
Vladimir: He walked the whole day looking puzzled.
Anna: Do you remember how hed be indignant with us, when we were kids?
Vladimir: He barked at us, but then sent us to get cakes. Sometimes I would misbehave just for the cakes.
Anna: It seems to me, I ate at least a thousand such pastries. It's true!
- translation by bellebrunette


What are some of your obsessions?

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  1. Great post, Julia! I'd say my obsessions are Joey W. Hill books, Music of all kinds, The Deadliest Catch and NCIS.
    Oh, and the new Sherlock Holmes on BBC. Awesome. I always love watching your obsessions.

  2. I have met so many people who are hooked on Eugene Hutz - I'm assuming you've already seen Everything is Illuminated, yes? ;)

    My own obsessions tend to be rather long-term, it seems: the Beatles, Pink Floyd and cycling (or more to the point, certain cyclists, like Fabian Cancellara) leap to mind. Heh.

    Thanks for sharing this side of yourself. It's been very interesting. Heh.

  3. My obsessions? Reading and blogging seem to be the biggest at the moment. :)


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