Hot Words for Hot Guys

How does your hero feel? 
by Kellyann Zuzulo

How hot is your hero? It's all about how he's described. A well-written romance will convey a protagonist who's dependable, maybe a little unpredictable and dangerous, but definitely unforgettable.

Simple words are sometimes the best way to do that. Not all at once, mind you. But sprinkled throughout the encounters.

  • Hard
  • Steady
  • Intense
  • Strong 
  • Experienced
  • Stoic...until she makes him laugh
  • Mischievous...more to describe something about him rather than him; e.g. mischievous twinkle in his azure eyes.
  • Intelligent

If you think about it, these are words that describe someone you might like to actually meet.

Words to Avoid if you want to be taken seriously:

  • Burly
  • Long...and you know exactly what I mean
  • Cut
  • Courageous (the sentiment is good, the word sounds corny. Find another way to do it.)
  • Insistent = creepy
  • Recalcitrant...yeah, it's a mouthful and not the kind readers want to read
  • Evasive...sounds like a liar; the idea of elusive would be better

Who are your heroes? And what words describe them?

Best Wishes,
Kellyann Zuzulo
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  1. Kelly Ann, I like funny, kinky, thick, tasty, smart, and smartass. Is that one word? Apparently not! LOl Lyn Austin see

    1. Those are great, Lyn! I think smart is probably a better word than intelligent. And a hero who's a smartass is just one of the many ways for him to get the blood boiling. Oh yeah.

  2. Hey Kellyann,

    Wow, the Pop Culture Divas Site looks like fun. So glad they hosted your post today.

    Great questions - the most romantic hero I know is my DH - after 25 years I still look to his demeanor for inspiration for my best characters - humorous, street-smart, strong, gentle, kind, all-boy, watchful, determined, and all around manly-man.

    Adjectives are fun!

    1. I agree, Paula...our best inspiration is the heroes in our own lives. Strong and gentle are my favorites. And I think kind is so important and often overlooked in describing why they turn us on. You definitely need kind for an HEA...nobody wants to spend "ever after" with an ass. ;)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Love it. All I can picture is the man on the "wrong" end of the stick, The burly man running down the street, his cut abdomen glistening from his sweat as he slows from his run, wiping his brow. His insistant demand for answers. The recalcitrant look in his eye...oh I could go on and on! LOL! You'r right he sure doesn't sound like a hero! But it is all I can think of now!

    A fun post!


    1. Haha! Beverly, that's a super fun exercise!! Well done! You've summed it up better than I could have.


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