#Selkie - Plot Bunnies Work In Mysterious Ways

by JoAnne Kenrick

Before I work on a new project, I love to watch themed movies to 'get me in the mood'. Dracula and Queen of the Damned for example, were watched before I wrote Dracula's Kiss. The music, the tone of the movie, cinematography...all of it. It preps me. Gets in the right frame of mind to begin the process of storytelling. Think of it as my visual stimulation, similar to how many writers use music tracks to set the mood for different scenes. It brings forth my plot bunnies and gets my creative juices flowing.

And my recently acquired SEAL THE DEAL, book one in the Isle of Man and Selkie series (coming later this year), a movie was responsible for lighting the idea lightbulb.

ONDINE is the movie, starring Colin Farrell. Most readers who know my work are I think aware that he is responsible for inspiring my bestselling Irish Kisses series. And here he is, doing it again. In a round-about sort of way.

Well, it wasn't him alone, or the movie alone, but rather a sequence of events.

I saw Ondine while writing Irish Kisses and thought it such a beautiful tale. I think a plot bunny (a cute name many authors use to call their creative muse/inspiration when plot twists and turns just scream at them until they are down on paper. Yes, those plot bunnies are relentless) grabbed hold of an idea and stored it in my subconscious...right at the back where I wouldn't find it until I was ready.

I accidentally spotted Martin Clunes 'Islands of Britain' on PBS and got addicted. LOVED IT. And knew I had to write a story set in the British Isles.

Decadent Publishing had a sub call out for stories set in the British Isles literally the day after I'd decided to do such a story.

But what story? What could I possibly write about? I knew I wanted to do another paranormal. But I wanted something different. Something that wasn't your typical paranormal creature. I'd always fancied writing a shifter story.

And bamb. I suddenly felt inspired to watch ONDINE again.
Half way through the movie, that idea lightbulb was shining bright and bold and my Selkie world was born. The trigger? The first time selkie was mentioned. And the idea of mystical legends and hauntingly romantic tales from the past.

I went full steam ahead and wrote all through winter.
For me, that's a major conquest because winter is my down time. it's when my creative juices are at the lowest. I just want to crawl into a blanket and read... all day!
That just shows you how passionate I felt about this story.
And for folks who have seen Ondine, my selkie story is NOTHING like the movie. But I like to think it is just as beautiful ;)

And I hope you'll see my passion for the story while reading SEAL THE DEAL when it releases.

FYI at the time of writing this blog post, ONDINE is available to stream on Netflix and Amazon Instant videos

Now I'm curious, how was your most recent project inspired? Where did you gather inspiration from? What turned that lightbulb on for you?


Grab a cup of tea, get comfy, and let me tell you a story.


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