Spring Fashion

From the writing desk of Christine Mazurk

We entered Spring a few days ago, although the weather here in St. Louis sure doesn't reflect it. The temperatures are in the 30's, the sun has been MIA for days, and I swear I see tiny white flakes floating around outside my office window. Sadly, this does not motivate me to get outside and run the park.

The trees and bushes are covered in tiny buds, but nothing has blossomed yet. I don't know about you, but I can't wait for the day the colors explode and the air warms up. I'm more than ready to put Winter to bed.

There is one place where Spring is evident - at the Mall. Store windows are filled with the newest Spring trends. Skinny jeans, light-weight sweaters, fun tops, even the shoes and accessories fit the bill!!

So what's in this year?

1. Pastels - think Sorbets. I picked up a few pair of skinny jeans the other day. Auqa-glass which is close to a mint green, coral, light purple, and butter yellow now fill my drawers. Fun neutral tops, a few colorful jackets, and stylish ankle booties complete my new wardrobe.

2. Lace - Chic and flirty. Everything from dresses, skirts, tops and shoes! Dress them up, or mix with more conservative fabrics for a casual look. There are some really cute things out there. Be creative, have some fun, and fashion a new look for yourself.

3. Stripes - I've never been a fan of stripes, but this year, I've seen some awesome pieces. For instance, I found a great looking 3/4 sleeve jacket in beige and black stripes. Very flattering and paired with black skinny jeans - I'm ready for my next writer's conference.

4. Florals - yup, lots of colorful floral prints are filling the racks! Who doesn't like flowers, right? They brighten the day, putting a smile on your face. So why not dress in them?! Show your feminine side with a stylish, sexy skirt and a great pair of heels.

Are you reinventing your wardrobe this year? With the trends of 2013, I certainly am! And since the flakes are falling faster and harder, I'm headed to the mall for a breath of SPRING!!

Until next time. Hugs - Christine.



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