Thursday Thirteen - 273 - 13 Things That Happened to Me Today

by Julia Phillips Smith

1 – I'm sitting down to write this at twenty minutes to midnight. It's been that kind of a day.
2 – Let's rewind a little bit. Last week at this time, I was slipping in and out of sleep, having had eye surgery to finally take care of a blocked tear duct over my left eye. I was grateful for the procedure, but it did take some recuperation before I felt strong again.

3 – I returned to my day job after a long Easter weekend to hit the ground running. It's that time of year when teachers apply to retire, and I scan all incoming mail to e-file them, so the past few days have been like a 10k marathon.

4 – Unfortunately for me, I'm a human weather vane who gets low-barometric-pressure-triggered migraines, and today is Day 3 of one of those migraines. I found it hard to get going this morning, and ended up missing my normal bus. Not the  running-for-the-bus kind of missing the bus, but hearing my normal bus rumble past the house from my bed kind of missing the bus.

5 – I made it to work half an hour late, which meant that I had to give up half of my lunch hour to make up the time. For a writer like myself, my day job break and lunch are 90 minutes of putting my Writer Hat on and Taking Care of Business.

Not today.

Even when today is the third day of my two-week-long blog tour for BOUND BY DRAGONSFYRE through Black Lion Virtual Book Tours.

6 - Not only am I on tour with my dark fantasy, I'm taking part in the A to Z Blog Challenge for the third year in a row.

7 – The blog challenge involves posting all month long, using the letters of the alphabet as daily prompts. The fun of this challenge is actually meeting all the new bloggers, but that's impossible to do on a day like today.

8 – Today is also Writer Wednesday on Twitter.

After getting home from the day job, visiting with my aunt and uncle before they headed out with my mom for their weekly music night (my uncle plays bass in the band), having a bite to eat, unwinding a bit by reading the paper, doing up some dishes--finally I was sitting in front of the computer to get to my night time writer work shift. But it was already past 9:00. I had a lot to get done tonight.  

9 – "Scr*w it," I thought. I logged onto Twitter and participated in Writer Wednesday. There was also lots of linking to the blog tour and retweeting tour posts.

10 – Had to check my email, of course.

Big mistake.

So much stuff to take care of, including in-person author-event stuff for November, new member requests for my writers' group (I'm a member of the executive this year), lots of business-of-writing stuff that has to be addressed right away.   
11 – Supernatural, of course. Had to watch the new episode of Supernatural while I still tapped away at the keyboard.
12 – After this is posted, I'll be off to create a link post to my virtual book tour over on my blog.

Did I mention I was tired and in pain?
13 – Remember, Julia, when you were working a name-tag job with no benefits, writing early versions of stories and dreaming of the day you'd have published-author to-do lists instead of learning-curve-writer problems?



Do you try to crowbar two days' worth of activity into 24 hours on a regular basis like I do?

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  1. I frequently find myself scrambling after one or two missed opportunities build up into something more significant - especially on the weekends. I've no idea why that is.

    Hopefully things will level out for you a bit, soon.


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