Bella is curvaceous, confident, and complex...writing from male POV.

by JoAnne Kenrick
Coming Together; With Curves released last week. It's a collection of rubensque stories by some of erotica's best authors. I'm uber honored to count myself among the group of awesome people who came together to create this wonderful book for charity. That's right, folks, not a single penny of profit will come my way from this, or to any of the folks who were in involed. All profits are going to PARKINSON'S UK.

My story, Buxom Bella, Just Squeeze Me....

Charlie’s in love with Bella Buxom. Can't focus on his work, can't go a day without seeing her. He’s never met her, mind, just admired her afar for the last year. When his dream woman steps off the burlesque stage and into his life, is she more woman than he can handle?

It's the first time I've ever written a story purely from the hero's point of view and in present tense. So far removed from my usual work, but darn I enjoyed the heck out of writing it. One could even say I 'became Charlie' during the period I took to rustle up this piece. I know I took a major risk writing from this POV/tense, but after reading the sub call, I just knew this was the only way my story would work.
The sub call went a little something like this:
"Curvy girls and the men (and women) who love them."
Right there - that one little sentence - that's the reason I went this route for Bella Buxom's story. THE MEN WHO LOVE THEM.
And what inspired the story?
Miss Rose McGowan did. I was pondering what on earth i could write about for this anthology while watching another episode of Charmed with my daughter - we were re-watching the box set through from beginning to end and the episode Sense and Sense Ability happened to be up next.
There's this one episode where Paige Matthews, the beautiful red head, gets up on stage and battles her confidence issues and signs a smoking hot rendition of FEVER.
It got me thinking...and thinking...
...and Bella Buxom was born. An overly confident curvy dancer with boyfriend troubles. As we progress through the story, we get to know the real Bella through the eyes of Charlie...or do we? ;)

Available at Smashwords for JUST $2.99, for £1.98.
Curves is also available from as a paperback on amazon for $10!



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