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As a little girl, we called it "Decoration Day" and our routine was constant.  We took out the flag which had once draped my late grandfather's casket and hung it proudly from the front porch.  Then we dusted off the wreaths my mother used over and over again.  We picked fresh peonies and other flowers from our yard and headed for the cemeteries.  We bought small flags to place on the graves of family members who had served their country in the military and made the rounds. 

I come from a long line of those who served. My late father served in the United States Army.  His father also served in the Army.  My Pop, another grandfather, served in the Navy.  My uncles and many of my cousins served in the Army and Air Force.  My husband happens to be an Air Force Veteran and now I have nephews and children of cousins who have or are in the service.  My family tree includes veterans from both sides of the Civil War and dates back to the Revolutionary War with some proud patriots who qualify me for membership in the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution).  Even the immigrant side of my heritage is filled with veterans, a great-grandfather who proudly served Queen Victoria in the Royal Navy and some ancestors who were part of Frederick II's elite Reinhard Corps.

So when Memorial Day rolls around, I remember the reason behind the holiday.  Although I live far from the place of my birth, I can't always make it to all the family graves over the holiday but I visit those graves when I do "go home".  I'll decorate the graves near where I now live as well, my dad's among them and some of my husband's folks.  I'll buy Buddy poppies anywhere I see them sold.

Somewhere along the way Memorial Day weekend has come to mean the kickoff of summer and that's okay - as long as you remember.  Nothing wrong with a little fun in the sun, a trip to the lake, a picnic or cookout.  If you're taking a little down time, you might enjoy some military romances.  My publisher has many.  Check out Rebel Reasoning here for a lot of great suggestions - I've read many of these and enjoyed each one very much.  Several of my favorite authors, Joanne Berroa, Suzzana Ryan and Lila Munro are among them. I have three titles listed too - Devlin's Grace, In The Shadow of War, and Guy's Angel.  The last two are currently selling on at the special holiday weekend price of just 99 cents each, a huge savings over the usual $5.99 so it's a good time to pick up the novels if you'd like to read them.  The price will be good through Sunday so don't miss this opportunity!

Check out Rebel Reasoning and some military romance reads here:

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And for Guy's Angel:

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  1. Great article, Lee Ann. And thanks for the mention.

  2. Great insight on things a lot of people have forgotten. And thank you for the mention, Lee Ann! Honored to be on that list. :)


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