Watson vs. Watson - or Martin Freeman vs. Jude Law

So, part one of this, Sherlock vs. Sherlock got many hits and a few comments, so let's see if this one does, too ;)

Watson vs. Watston - as in Sherlock, the BBC drama series and the films Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows. I must point out that I haven't seen the US show Elementary - and I think that would complicate this post further, so I'm going to stick with two for now.

(No pics this time, I'm afraid, as there were no Creative Commons Licensed ones on Flickr!)

Martin Freeman as Watson

  • Is great at being the constantly insulted, affronted sidekick
  • Tolerates Sherlock well, and often gives back as much as he gets
  • Pulls off the humorous parts of the show excellently
  • Is actually much brighter than Sherlock makes out he is
  • You can genuinely see him as an ex-army doctor
  • Is actually rather sweet - see the way he sticks up for Mrs. Hudson
  • Definitely has a soft spot for Sherlock (though not in a romantic way), which was shown to perfection during the final episode of season two (I'm not saying any more in case you haven't seen it)

Jude Law as Watson

  • Doesn't have much of a backbone when it comes to Sherlock ordering him around
  • Can pull off the humour and comic timing
  • Is really good in the fight scenes
  • Pulls off the damaged ex-army doctor persona well
  • Has a very funny dog
  • Bounces off RDJ well when they're annoyed with each other
  • Looks fab in the Victorian garb
Verdict: It's gotta be Martin Freeman for me. There's just something more memorable about his portrayal of Watson. He's stronger, somehow, and more fun. He also plays the various emotions really well; annoyance, confusion, anger, grief... though having said that, both Freeman and Law work well with their respective co-stars in these two different versions of Sherlock tales.

So, whaddya fink? Who do you like the best?


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