Why Greek Yogurt is So Romantic...

by Kellyann Zuzulo

...because it's creamy of course. I'm a long-time yogurt eater and when Greek yogurt sauntered onto the scene, I turned up my nose. The slippery sweetness of regular ol' yogurt was good enough for me. I knew what Greek yogurt was, in all of its
affected smooth thickness. I had made "Greek" yogurt every time I placed regular yogurt in a sieve over a bowl. I would do that for a Williams-Sonoma recipe I have for Leg of Lamb with yogurt sauce.
My personal favorite.
That's all Greek yogurt is...strained regular yogurt. I could do that. But I don't. So I says to myself, "Self, why don't we just tip our tongue in this Greek yogurt phenomena."  Besides, Acme was having a sale on Oikos Greek yogurt for a dollar a dollop. Well, after the first luxuriant lick from a stainless steel spoon, there was no turning back. Yes, dammit, Greek yogurt tastes better than regular yogurt. Who wouldn't want increased creaminess?

It's about more than the yogurt.
Thusly does my Greek yogurt analogy bring me to a simple dictum that applies to writing as well as to yogurt eating. Creamier is better. That is, richer dialogue; more smoothly portrayed characters; sweet at the bottom of the cup so that you have to dig for it. If you want a more delectable story, you have to take the time to get there.Greek yogurt requires more time. Like a burgeoning romance, the best way to draw in the object of your desire is to take your time. Rush things and you'll curdle the interest. And that's never good for romance or for yogurt.

He wants his spoon back so he can eat some Greek yogurt.
In romance novels, a well-planned scene ties your characters to what they say and why they believe it. A well-planned scene takes time and thought. You have to place the scene over a sieve and drain out the excess. That is, unnecessary adverbs, redundant explanations for a character's behavior (trust your reader; I've noticed that a lot of books lately spend a lot of time on their characters' inner lives. Sometimes, less really is more.) And if romance is your genre, throw in some hot guys. Even yogurt eaters like to see a hot guy now and again.

What's your favorite yogurt?

Best Wishes,
Kellyann ZuzuloGenie Writer
What Would You Wish For?
Pick up a copy of 101 Nights and eat some yogurt while you read it. You can get both for less than $4.


  1. Loved the caption on the photo of the sexy guy, Kellyann! Great post!

  2. Thanks, Regan! Of course, I gave it to him. ;)

  3. I love Greek yogurt. I've been eating yogurt every day since 1999. When I had my first taste of Greek, I never looked back. Won't eat any yogurt but Greek. Very good and creative blog.

  4. Well, if my yogurts not something other than fruit I won't eat it! Red velvet, Boston cream pie, mint chocolate, key lime, banana cream pie...yum! :D

  5. Fellow yogurt eaters, unite!!
    Cara, since 1999! That is excellent...you must have the healthiest digestive system in the world. That's what I love about yogurt (besides the creaminess); it's so good for you, too.
    Bev, I have to say that I adore the Oikos key lime. I imagine I'm on a tropical island, getting my spoon back from that guy pictured above. ;)


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