Playing At Make Believe - How Embarrassing

I vividly remember playing Bride and Groom while in the primary (elementary) School playground. I even remember who I got married to. Several times over.
And we weren't the only ones. They'd be bridesmaids and a best man, and the vicar of course. We'd take it in turns to be the 'center of attention'. I do believe it was very early in primary. Perhaps I was about five? And gawd knows why or how we came about playing this little game.

Creative Commons Pic: Boy In Love by 


School sweaters became a train and ties became a sort of handfasting tool.

Then came Knight Rider and it was way cooler to make believe we were in that show instead, solving a big mystery.

Pic from IMDB

So, it seems I've always had this thing for playing at make believe. It makes sense I'd grow up and become a fiction writer.

What about you? What things have you done through your life that when you look back on makes realize your vocation was always in you?


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