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From the writing desk of Christine Mazurk

Sticking with the theme for this month; 'The best book you ever wrote. The one you are most proud of, and why.' I have to say Passion's Race! It was the second manuscript I wrote, but my first published. Thanks to Lachesis Publishing.

Passion's Race has received over 15, 5-star reviews. That thrills me! But the content of those reviews sends happy chills down my spine and Goosebumps racing across my body. One reader said, "I feel like a triathlete! Passion's Race put me in the middle of a professional team of triathletes, involved me in their journey while seeing it through the eyes of CJ Fallon. We experience Guam through Christine Mazurk's rich description. The ups and downs of training and racing at a professional level, and the emotions of true family bonds ..."

You may not know this, but I trained for my first Ironman race while living on Guam. (Certainly not as a professional - that's where my skills in fiction writing come in.) Every road, every pedal stroke taken by the team, I took. The runs up on Two Lovers Point, wild boar and all, were part of the training I shared with my husband. We swam across Tumon Bay, getting attacked by angry Triggerfish and having our fingers tangle in the lush brown weeds at the halfway point. Did I worry that eel might be lurking in there? Absolutely, and that thought made me swim faster to clear the weeds. Good for my training I guess.

Another reader said, "Now that I've read about CJ Fallon and gang, I even look forward to my daily walks more than I used to." Knowing that CJ and her fellow team members motivated even one person makes me happy. Another shared, "It is an inspirational tale on its own, and the intense writing and relatable characterization make it truly motivational." "Makes me want to go out and run."

This story is not only about athletics, it encompasses so many facets of our lives. One reader said, "If you're not in the slightest athletic, don't let the 'ironman' focus turn you off from reading this great soul-inspiring story, for it is so much more than just an account of one girl's dream to win as a pro. This is a story I believe holds appeal for all of us, as the issues encountered have touched us all in one way or another, at some time or another, and that is the secret of its appeal."

Reading these comments makes me want to write more great stories to inspire and motivate, while sharing emotional aspects of life that most, if not all, can relate to. Heart-felt stories with heroines who are in some way athletic, whether they race professionally or simply run to clear their minds or relieve stress.

It's part of my being to live a healthy lifestyle, so my characters do too. In a society where obesity has become a focus, I hope my characters will encourage others to simply move; walk, run, take the stairs, whatever puts a smile on your face. Won't you join us on this journey?

Going to go run the park now!
Until next time - Christine.


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