JAWS: Independence Day Advice for Life

by Kellyann Zuzulo

There is great advice in JAWS.
Happy Independence Day!
"As you can see, it's a beautiful day. The beaches are opened and people are having a wonderful time." 

That's a line from the movie, Jaws, a classic Fourth of July summertime movie. Jaws has been quoted ad infinitum in the 38 years since it was released. Of course, the most popular line is probably going to be
"We're gonna need a bigger boat."

But, really, there are many morsels of wisdom throughout the movie that apply to living life and, especially, to the writing life.

"I was just giving it time to absorb."
When you write something or plan a new undertaking, give it time to absorb. Don't write and give it flight. Give it time to absorb. Rub it in, walk around, come back. This line is uttered by an Amity board member on the beach. Mayor Larry Vaughn approaches him and wants to know why he isn't in the water. Of course, it's because he's afraid of sharks. But he's supposed to be setting an example for residents and swimming. In this case, I think he sets a good example for writers.
"Aw, Dad, just a little longah."
Don't give up. Whatever you're working on, do it just a little longer, especially when you feel it's not worth trying any more. Chief Brody's son Michael wanted some more time on the water in his new little sailboat. Dad gave him some more time. Mom, of course, screamed for him to get out when she spied a man-eating shark in the book her husband was reading. Bottom line, doing something just a little longer can only improve it.
"Hey, you fellas alright over there."
Help out others in your field. Give them a boost up. Whether it's other writers, artists, moms, or business owners just starting out, share what you know when asked, be open to little kindnesses that might just make a world of difference to others and isn't much skin off your nose. In this case, this poor guy ends up getting eaten by the shark. But his heart was in the right place.

"I'm not talking about pleasure boatin' or day sailin', I'm talkin' about workin' for a living. I'm talkin' about sharkin'."
What did I learn from Quint?
Do what you do best. Give it your all!
You have to take writing, or whatever job you do, seriously. This is  your craft, your calling. Do it every day. Don't denigrate what you do. It's important. You can have fun with it, but recognize that you are working for your living. If it's writing, you may not be making a living wage but neither, it seems, did Quint, who uttered this line. However, he was the best in his field. He was a professional. He knew his business because he worked at it. You can, too.

Enjoy your barbecues and fireworks today! Remember that every day can be a beautiful day. And watch out for sharks! ; )

Best Wishes,
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