Pride in Your Work

by Julia Phillips Smith

I've heard many artists, musicians, actors and writers say that their favorite project is the one on which they're currently working.

For me, the answer to which book am I most proud of writing -- in this case it's definitely the book I'm working on right now. Is it because, like most artists, it's the process of creating and the personal discoveries to which it leads that attracts me to writing in the first place? You hear that a lot. It's the process, they'll say. It's not so much the finished project or even their body of work. It's in the act of creating that many artists discover their joy.

Is is because the act of writing is cathartic, and I'm also exercising my personal demons while making sure I'm hitting all the storytelling signposts? Working on this particular project is definitely moving me along on a personal level, to the point where recurring nightmares that have plagued me for decades are beginning to slow down. A definite plus.

Maybe it's the freedom that comes from releasing a story into the world that has been playing inside my head for years, now. Making lots of room for a new story. It's like renovations, or something.

Perhaps it's also because I've grown very fond of my main characters, and now they're making their way into the world. A bit of parental pride, in a way.

There's a bit of all of those things going on for me when I look at my latest project, Book 2 in my dark fantasy Dragonsfyre series. Here's a sneak peek excerpt:


What are you most proud of as a writer? Your finished body of work? Your current work in progress? Or your plans for future books? Are you most proud of what you've done or of what you have yet to accomplish?

Photo by Helen Tansey

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