Thursday Thirteen - 285 - 13 Words Which Lead to a Book That Will Make You Proud

by Julia Phillips Smith

As writers, we're all about words. Here are thirteen words that will lead you to creating a book you will be proud to call your own:

1 - Infatuation

If you're in love with your characters, readers will be, too.

2 - Rush

Does your story give you a rush of excitement when you sit down to write it? Readers will feel the same kick of adrenaline.

3 - Truth

Are you staying true to the characters? If you stray from their reality, the reader will think you don't know your own characters as well as she does.

4 - Resonate

Do your scenes resonate with you even when you're busy doing something else? A good sign that the story will last in the hearts of your readers.

5 - Trust

Don't fight yourself. Trust your instincts and worry about the fine tuning during edits or revisions.

6 - Patience

Rome wasn't built in a day, was it?

7 - Skill

You've gathered a lot of these over the years -- they're at your disposal. Your previous work was not a fluke, I promise.

8 - Seek

Take the advice of those who can turn your manuscript into a novel. This is definitely not the time to be a one-woman band.

9 - Craft

Use the advice you just gathered, apply your skills and craft the book into its final form

10 - Endurance

When you feel like an ant pushing a boulder uphill, keep going.

11 - Accept

Time to let go of your story when you've used all of the above. Let it fly and be free.

12 - Perfection

Be satisfied with the knowledge you've done all in your power to make your story the best it can be.   

13 - Share 

Don't forget to let others know about your work. Otherwise, how will we disappear into the world you've created, or meet the characters that gave you that rush in the first place?


What does your path to a book of which you're proud look like?

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  1. especially endurance. and habit of discipline. those will see you thru the lull in infatuations with a book.


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