My Favorite Summer Read.

by JoAnne Kenrick

I was asked recently if I really did read more in the summer break as suggested to be one of the bigger sales periods for authors. My answer is absolutely YES! Long summer evenings out on the deck with a glass of iced tea or lemonade (Oh my gosh, could I be any more Southern? Guess this Brit is meant to be in the South) and a good book. I can't think of anything better. Except maybe being beach-side doing the same thing.

Summer reads should typically, for me, include a few necessities. Fun. Sunshine. Adventure, meaning characters doing things they wouldn't ordinarily do. I want a holiday romance in the pages of a summer read. I want to feel my toes in the sand and the ocean spray on my face. Small coastal town or Greek island getaway, wherever the setting, I want fun! Nights in Rodanthe is NOT my idea of a great beach read. I don't want to cry into my iced tea. I want to laugh, I want to experience a warm fuzzy from a happy ever after.

My most favorite summer read ever, and the book that turned me onto my now favorite author, is FLIRTY WITH FORTY by Jane Porter

Flirting With Forty
Playful and smart, a coming-of-middle age story of a woman not ready to give up on love and life.
He got the second home and the Porsche. She got the kids and a broken heart. Now Jackie, post-divorce and heading toward the big four-oh, is on vacation, staring down her upcoming birthday in sunny Hawaii—alone. But not for long. She's soon falling for Kai, her gorgeous, much younger surf instructor, and the wild passionate fling they have becomes the biggest surprise of Jackie's life.
Returning home, Jackie has to struggle with single parenthood...and memories of Kai.   He hasn't forgotten her either. With her friends disapproving and thousands of ocean --not to mention an age difference--separating them, Jackie starts to wonder what she got herself into. When a choice must be made, can she, will she risk everything for her chance at happiness?

Available in Mass Market Paperback, Trade Paperback, and E-Book editions:

And yes, this is the one and the same that was made into a Lifetime movie with Heather Lochlear  as the heroine flirting with forty.


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