New video editor, and a trailer for Lia Davis

by JoAnne Kenrick

Reckon everyone following me on twitter and facebook knows my Mac crashed for the last time. I got so sick of it failing that I replaced it with a Windows 7 Zenbook. I can't tell you how much I love it compared to the temperamental Mac.
But as someone who loves making book video trailers, I was really missing iMovies...with a passion. It is above and beyond what Movie Maker can do.
Since I'm now on a Windows machine, my options just got cheaper so I dived in and bought myself a video editor.
Well, an editing suite.

All the options blew my mind. Nothing like the one-click auto action iMovies offered, I have to actually program in the effects. And all these crazy new names to learn and all the different things they are capable of doing.

What's a girl to do? Hit up youtube of course, and browse hundreds of how-to tutorials filmed by eight year olds ;)

I'm almost feeling confident with this new program, but there's still so much for me to learn.

Lia Davis kindly offered to be my trailer guinea pig for Movie Studio and let me test run my new software by making her a trailer for Ashwood Falls book 3.

She loves it. I do, too. I love all the different animation options for the text. I can 'tell' it which way to go and what pretties it should have instead of having pre-set options.

What do you think?
Oh, and the book releases SEPTEMBER 10th so don't miss it!


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