Thursday Thirteen -- 290 -- 13 Reasons to Attend Word on the Street

by Julia Phillips Smith

1 - What is Word on the Street?

Word on the Street is a day-long book and magazine event held simultaneously in five Canadian cities.

7 - Previous participant Vancouver, British Columbia now has a week-long version called WORD Vancouver, running from Sept. 25th - 29th.

8 - This will be my first year participating as an author. I have my own booth in the Halifax WOTS Marketplace and hope to see you there, this Sunday from 11:00 - 5:00.

9 - This will also be the first year for my writers' group to have a booth. Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada will be along the Halifax waterfront behind the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. Drop by and meet Nikki McIntosh, Jennie Marsland, Lilly Cain, Donna Alward, Sara Hubbard, Deborah Hale, Julianne MacLean, Tara C. MacDonald, Heidi Hamburg, Shawna Romkey and Michelle Helliwell.

10 - The Toronto Romance Writers will also have a booth at Queen's Park Circle during The Word on the Street Toronto, 11:00 - 6:00.

11 - So glad to see romance authors taking their places alongside other genres at these kinds of events.

12 - What can you expect to find at a book fair like Word on the Street? Lots of books to buy, book giveaways, magazines, reading-themed T-shirts as well as booths showcasing local small press publishers. 

13 - There are lots of readings by local authors, and sometimes there are pitch sessions where you can pitch your story to industry professionals.


What would be your favorite reason to attend a book fair?

Photo by Helen Tansey

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  1. Sounds like a fun event, and good to see "genre" writers represented. I've avoided the Wisconsin Book Festival the last couple years because it's become so elitist, with nonfiction and lit fic comprising about 90 percent of the events offered, while "mainstream" popular genres are ignored, though there are many local mystery and romance writers.

  2. very cool. Ottawa used to have one but it died. have fun on the crowded sidewalk!


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