Who's The Baby Daddy....no, wait, make that who's the BOOK daddy! Comanche Fever coming in November!

From the desk of romance author Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

You’ve heard of a baby daddy but what about a book daddy? I have one for my upcoming contemporary vampire romance, Comanche Forever!

They say it takes a village to raise a child and I learned in biology you need a mother AND a father.  So maybe it’s not so strange to think that Comanche Forever, coming out November 3 from Rebel Ink Press has a father….or well, kinda, sorta.

Confused? Don’t be – I wrote the book but I might not have if it wasn’t for Bennet Pomerantz.  Which is why he’s the punitive father of the novel!  Here’s what happened – last January, I was on Bennet’s radio program, Anything Goes on Blog Talk Radio.  He’s a big fan of my first vampire romance novel, Love Tattoo (2010, Evernight Publishing) and he promised if I wrote a new vampire novel, he would write the forward.

Of course he thought I probably wouldn’t.

But I did.  Within a couple of days, I came up with an idea, something radically different from my centuries old, Irish born truck driving uber sexy vampire Will Brennan and I told Bennet.  After I wrote, submitted and signed the contract for Comanche Forever, he wrote the forward.

Here’s the cover, a beautiful, awesome rendering I so adore from the hand of Rebel Ink Press’ own Carl J. Franklin…..

And here’s the unofficial blurb too…..

As one of the last free Comanche warriors, Pea’hocso surrendered with Quanah Parker at Fort Sill in 1875.  As if that wasn’t enough of a tragedy, an encounter the same night with a woman bent on revenge against his people turned him into a vampire, a blood drinking creature of the night. Now it’s the 21st century and Pea’hocso goes by the name of Ned Big Eagle. He deals cards at an Oklahoma casino and lives a solitary life on the edge of the Wichita Mountains. His undead existence is anything but enjoyable but Ned endures – what else can he do – until he meets history professor Anne Delahanty.  Anne evokes emotions and desires he hasn’t known since he was still human but Ned tries to resist the temptation.  He can’t bring the woman he realizes he loves into his vampire life – or can he? The question gnaws at what’s left of his soul as he wonders if revealing the truth will cause him to lose Anne forever.  When she rejects his efforts to tell her, Ned figures the reality will crash down on them both.  And it will when they least expect it and if they survive the tragedy, there may be a future after all.

Oh, and since I’m sharing, how about a little taste from the book to whet your appetite for November 3!!

            Anne stuck out her tongue at him, brief and sassy. Her childish gesture fascinated him and the sight of her tongue inspired him to do wicked things with his. “Says you,” she muttered.  Then she sat up and smiled. “Oh, I know you’re right.  I’m sure it wasn’t all romance and fun. But when I see the dancers painted up like warriors, it gives me goose bumps.  I’d give almost anything to have seen an authentic warrior.”

            Ned had paints he’d made with the same ingredients he’d used in life.  He could go home, strip out of his white man’s garments, and dab the black onto his face in the patterns he’d adopted as a warrior.  “Warriors used black paint for war raids,” he commented. “And paint was often used for other ceremonies too, but I’m sure you know that.”

            She nodded. “Yes, but I’m talking about what I’d love to experience instead of what I know from books and study.” Anne smiled over at him with a gleam in her eyes and added, “I don’t think I’ve ever found anyone sexier than a Comanche in full-fledged old fashioned clothing, buckskins and all.”

            She’s going to be my ruination and I’ll suffer for centuries over this.  Drawn to her, wanting her, Ned couldn’t believe her fantasy turn-on happened to be what he was.  He might be a little old-fashioned and lack the best flirting skills but he read between her words.  Anne wanted him too.  His resolve to walk away weakened as his cock stiffened.  Ned almost laughed aloud.  He’d done more than a little reading about vampire lore and although he didn’t own a computer or see a need for one, he’d used one at the public library.  Some vampire experts believed vampires couldn’t get a hard on because they were dead men walking.  I’d like to see one of those bastards with a boner like this, Ned thought with a chuckle.

And just in case you’d like to listen to a recent program…talking about this novel….



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