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From the desk of Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

            Time is on my mind because here in the U.S., it’s the end of daylight savings time and a return to standard time this weekend.  I’m not a fan of time changes because they mess up my inner clock and always have.  But it’s time to move the clocks back an hour at 2am Sunday morning and adjust.  I’ve spent the week noting the light each evening and subtracting an hour.  Mornings when my son heads down the street to the school bus, it’s been full dark so I’ll be glad to see brighter mornings but the swift shift from longer evenings to early dark isn’t one I enjoy.


  Time plays a role in many of my books.  If you check out my backlist there are a few time travel titles among them.  A Time To Love brings heroine Annie a hundred years into the future but in Love’s Own Time, Lillian heads into the past so she can try for her happily ever after with the ghost she’s come to love.  One of my short stories, Salem, is also time travel and appears in the Midnight Seduction anthology from Evernight Publishing.

            If you consider being undead or eternal, then my vampire Love Covenant series from Evernight Publishing might count.  Start with the first book, Love Tattoo, and work through the other three at your leisure (Love Scars, Love Knots, Love Shadows).  Or spend Sunday reading my latest contemporary vampire novel, Comanche Forever from Rebel Ink Press.  Sunday November 3 is release day.  Wolfe’s Lady, a werewolf tale, is also available from Evernight.

            Here’s a little taste from Comanche Forever….you know, something to pass the time (wink):

The Blurb:


As one of the last free Comanche warriors, Pea’hocso surrendered with Quanah Parker at Fort Sill in 1875.  As if that wasn’t enough of a tragedy, an encounter the same night with a woman bent on revenge against his people turned him into a vampire, a blood drinking creature of the night. Now it’s the 21st century and Pea’hocso goes by the name of Ned Big Eagle. He deals cards at an Oklahoma casino and lives a solitary life on the edge of the Wichita Mountains. His undead existence is anything but enjoyable but Ned endures – what else can he do – until he meets history professor Anne Delahanty.  Anne evokes emotions and desires he hasn’t known since he was still human but Ned tries to resist the temptation.  He can’t bring the woman he realizes he loves into his vampire life – or can he? The question gnaws at what’s left of his soul as he wonders if revealing the truth will cause him to lose Anne forever.  When she rejects his efforts to tell her, Ned figures the reality will crash down on them both.  And it will when they least expect it and if they survive the tragedy, there may be a future after all.






                “Let me love you again,” Ned said.  Her vivid brown eyes met his and he watched a swift pink blush her cheeks.  “I need you.”

                In answer, Anne moved closer and put her arms around him.  She lifted her lips to his and touched them.  Ned craved her heat and when their mouths came together, fireworks exploded.  The instant response roared through his body like an out of control prairie fire but this time he vowed he’d take things slow.  He meant to savor her body, to make memories because this must be the last time.  Ned hadn’t planned to make love to Anne again but once he began, there was no stopping.  He didn’t even try.

                Tongues laved, fingers caressed and stroked, and kisses lasted for eternity.  He removed her garments one at a time and without hurry.  By the time they reached his bedroom, neither wore a stitch.  Before they collapsed onto the bed, bodies twined together, they fondled and explored.  Ned left a few love bites on her throat and between her breasts.  Anne put a purple hickey on his left chest and the sensation excited him more than anything except the release when he came.  With a growing need for blood, Ned dared to drink from one love mark.  He took no more than enough to sate his appetite and fuel his needs.  I shouldn’t, I should not have bitten her or drank, but I had to.  He vowed he wouldn’t again, not under any circumstances, aware that two more times would turn her into what he was and loathed.

                Breath short, body slick with sweat, Ned rammed his cock into her willing, waiting place with more finesse than force.  After prolonged foreplay he came almost immediately and so did Anne, their hands locked together into tight fists.  She shrieked and he would’ve cried out but at the last, he smothered her mouth with his.  Their bodies bucked like wild horses and then extreme sensation exploded.  In the old days he’d come close to death more than once and Ned thought this was much like it.  Afterward, he curled up with Anne in his arms.  When her breathing slowed to normal, she smiled at him and yawned.  She stroked his cheek. “You look better now,” she whispered. “I’m so sleepy.”

                “Go to sleep,” he told her.  And she did.  Ned didn’t sleep but he held her and watched Anne.  Her bare breasts rose and fell in the simple rhythms as she breathed.  A small smile played around the corners of her mouth.  Sometimes she touched him without being awake or aware.   Twice she mumbled incoherent words and once he swore she whispered his name.

                He let her sleep until late afternoon but by the time he woke Anne, Ned knew he’d fallen hard and deep.  He wanted her, he needed her, and he loved her.

                But he couldn’t have her and for the first time in more than a hundred years, Ned wept silent tears.

Available beginning November 3 at All Romance Ebooks, Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Bookstrand and more!


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