The Collaboration of an Anthology

From the writing desk of Christine Mazurk:

Four friends - with a Universal connection - find a hidden cove - and their path to destiny.

The idea for Sisters Of Spirit was born at a writers' retreat with three very dear friends, one being a New York Times Bestselling Author - Annette Blair. Maybe you've heard of her?!

We were brainstorming about our current projects when Lynn Jenssen broached the topic of writing an anthology together, bound not only by theme, but allowing our characters to overlap in each other's stories as well.

Within minutes, we were pitching ideas and plot points into the air. Picture small kids in a softball league, or better yet, mad scientists making a discovery. One started a thought, another picked up the thread and embellished it, until the story arc was formed, and we had a solid idea of our characters and their goals. The opening poem was written that night. But we had projects to finish, so the writing itself would have to wait, which was fine, because it allowed time for the stories to brew.

As we began writing our unique stories, we knew we would need to call one another to weave in moments when the Sisters could show up and participate in a certain scene, but we found, as connected as we are, it happened seamlessly.

One night, Jeanine called to fit in a Skype scene, and I said I'd just finished one; did it work with her story? It did, so we called Annette and Lynn, and we decided to add several 'group Skype' scenes to keep the Sisters close when they weren't in the same place.

We read each other's work once the first draft was complete, and the stories were woven together so well, it seemed one author wrote them, yet with four very distinct voices. We marveled at the threads we unconsciously pulled through our stories, not realizing at the time that they tied to the story as a whole.

If you believe in sisterhood, not only blood relatives, but close friends as well, this book is for you. It's received many 5-star reviews for the way all four of us blended our unique styles into this collection of novellas. Several requested another Sisters Of Spirit Book. The thoughts are brewing.

Treat yourself to Sisters Of Spirit and curl up with some feel good romance and the larger meaning of family.

For more stories with 'heart': Pick up Lynn Jenssen's - Safe Harbor, Safe Heart. Jeanine Duval Spikes' - The Heart Sees. Christine Mazurk's - Passion's Race or Mystical Connections. Annette Blair's - Rogues Club Series, Scoundrels Series, Cozy Mysteries, or any of the countless others she's written to continue the journey of magic and love!

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