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From romance author Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy……

2014 has arrived with the usual fanfare but it’s time to settle into the ordinary routines of life.  My first release this year is just three days away, on January 7th.  Look for Will’s Way on both Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com.  Readers can check my Facebook page or author page or Amazon page for details on the 7th.  Links to all the above plus my blogs will be at the end of this post.

I’m excited about this release because it marks something brand new for me – my first plunge into the world of self-publishing.  Before anyone asks, yes, I plan to continue with publishers as well but as anyone in the business is aware, this is volatile time in publishing.  And sometimes something new can be the key to bigger, brighter things.

Here’s the cover from Toby by Design.  If you haven’t seen any of Toby’s other work, trust me – you will.  He’s one of the hottest, most talented cover artists coming up today and he offers other design work as well.

And to compliment the cover, here’s the blurb:

When Marine Will Nichols returned from Afghanistan with some serious scars, he retreated from almost everything and everyone.  His late night radio talk show is the one place no one can judge him by his appearance but he lives lonely.  One of his regular callers, however, Samantha Callahan, manages to catch both his fancy and affection.  No matter how he feels, though, he refuses to meet her because he fears she’ll reject him.   But stubborn Samantha doesn’t give up easily and cares enough to take a chance because where there’s Will, there’s a way.

Oh, and how about a little sneak peek into the story…..from Will’s Way…

            As the second hand of the studio clock swept toward midnight, Taylor rose and Will took his seat.  He cued his signature song, the classic version of Midnight Special by Credence Clearwater Revival, and opened the mic to give the top of the hour station ID.  “Its twelve midnight,” he intoned. “The witching hour, children, and you’re listening to radio station…”

            Will gave the call letters and played the song.  As soon as CCR’s tune faded, he went live. “Good night, folks, and welcome to The Midnight Special.  I’m going to play a little music, talk until my tongue bleeds, and take your calls.  Let’s get things started with Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.”

            Taylor waved as he departed, leaving Will alone in the studios.  The first three callers were mundane.  One nattered about how full and lovely the moon had been earlier.  Another wondered if anyone had a good homemade bread recipe to share and the other yapped about his recent ghost-hunting experience.  When the incoming lines didn’t light back up immediately, Will played several more songs before she called.  Samantha.

            “Go ahead, you’re on the air. Talk to me, honey.”

            Her voice poured into his headphones with power and glory.  Samantha ranked among his most frequent callers and although he’d never admitted it, she held his top favorite listener position.  Will liked her voice, always the perfect combination of hot, sweet, and creamy in a way that reminded him of Irish coffee. She talked about happy things with wonder and appreciation, loved music and books, talked about beautiful sunrises and sometimes quoted poetry.  He’d often wondered what she looked like and tried to imagine her face.  He figured with a voice and outlook like hers, she must be attractive.  If he wasn’t disfigured, he would’ve tried to meet her, maybe even date her.  Hell, he’d even dreamed of having a relationship with Samantha or would have, once but it was out of his reach now.  Since his appearance rivaled The Phantom of the Opera’s for total horror, Will’d never tried to find out her full name or anything about her.  It’d be pointless and probably hurtful to pursue Samantha.  He’d rather never try than be rejected.  He savored their conversations, though, the closest thing to personal interaction he had in his life, now.

            Tonight, however, her tone lacked its’ usual lilt. “Hi, Will, this is Samantha.”

            “Hey, Samantha” he said with true pleasure.  Her nightly calls were the one thing left in life he could anticipate with delight. “So, tell me what’s happening in your corner of the world?”

            Her hesitant reply stunned him. “Today turned out to be one of the worst days of my life.”

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