Paul Simon and Sting - On Stage Together

From the writing desk of Christine Mazurk

Previously, I've mentioned that I write my stories to music. I usually pick an explicit CD for my heroine and another precise one for the hero. (For my current WIP, I picked Anna Nalick's Wreck of the Day for Natalie and Sting's Living Seas for Mike.)The music has to speak to me. There are times though, when I need to evoke a specific emotion, and I've found that I often revert back to my favorite performer. I play my entire Sting playlist.

So, when I heard Sting and Paul Simon were launching a new tour this year, I ran out to buy tickets. I texted my husband as I was purchasing them. Then I laughed, because at that very moment I received a text from him with a link announcing the tour. He wrote, "We have to go to this concert!!" Great minds think alike, right? But who wouldn't want to see Sting and Paul Simon perform together????

The two musicians--both superstars for decades--have lived in the same building in NY for years. Before the kickoff of their On Stage Together Tour in Houston, they did an interview with Rolling Stone, in which they joked about saying hello in the elevator and borrowing things--a cup of sugar--from one another. You could hear the mutual admiration in their voices, and the excitement of merging their talent and their bands in a tour that kicked off in Houston on February 8th and will end in Orlando on March 16th. (I predict they will add more shows because this will ROCK!!)

Opening night, Simon introduced their kickoff as "Our experiment melding two bands, two styles, and two catalogs of songs." A total of 30 songs were played, 10 of which they performed together. Their two bands--a combined 14 musicians--melded and intertwined throughout the night, adding a richness to the song arrangements. I can't imagine it was anything but OUTSTANDING!

Other than Sting's private 60th Birthday concert in NY a few years ago, I don't think any concert will top these two geniuses on stage together.

I can't wait to dance and sing to this dynamic duo on the closing night of their On Stage Together Tour!! Orlando here we come.     


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