How about a little Cajun heat? Maybe some Native American Magic? Byrd's Desire new from Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Take a Cajun woman, deal her a few unexpected turns of fate, and transplant her to Oklahoma, then add some Thunderbird sightings.  Add a mysterious man into the mix and an intimate encounter hotter than  Celia’s Cajun cooking…voila! It’s Byrd’s Desire, my latest release from Evernight Publishing.  It’s also my first stand alone shifter title but not my first paranormal romance.  Here’s the blurb and gorgeous cover, courtesy of Sour Cherry Design…

When Cajun gal Celia Lecompte leaves Louisiana for her cousin’s ranch in Oklahoma, she wants nothing more than to put her past behind her and plan for the future. She’s sworn off men so romance isn’t in the picture. When her cousin warns her to watch out for the Thunderbird, a mythical creature, she’s sure Angelique is joking until she catches a glimpse of something she can’t explain.  Then, one night while cooking up a pot of gumbo, a dark and mysterious man knocks on the door.  He sweeps her into a sizzling kiss, she shares her down home Cajun cooking and her bed by mutual desire.  Although she’s not sure who he is, she wants him in every way possible.  Byrd has a secret, however, and when he reveals it, he makes a request.  When she accepts it, her life and heart will be transformed forever!

How about a tempting little taste from the story:

He stood more than six feet tall, with skin as bronzed as the roux she’d just made and straight black hair to his waist.  His dark jeans and midnight black shirt were plastered to his body and so wet they dripped.  The garments fit tight but she imagined how he’d look in full powwow regalia.  No doubt about it, he was Native American, although she couldn’t begin to guess the tribe.  Celia had always sworn she liked her men the way she took her coffee—dark, strong, and sweet.  Her unexpected visitor was all three, she thought, as she stared at him with something like wonder.  She gazed up into his mysterious dark eyes and her hunger shifted from Cajun cooking to a desire for something erotic.  He met her stare and gave it back, potent as the storm that had just passed.  “Hi, mon cher, what can I do for you?” 

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He pulled her against him, wrapped his arms around her, and kissed her, hard and deep.  His lips burned unholy fire against her mouth and against her will, every nerve ending in her body sang a rock and roll tune.  His tongue forced entry into her mouth and he French kissed her until she couldn’t breathe.  Heat erupted and spread all the way down to her toes.  A dizzy sweetness rushed her veins until his rank stench offended her nose so much she broke free.
“God, you smell.  What was that, anyway?”
“Adrenalin, mostly,” he said.  “I’m sorry, Sara.  I didn’t plan to kiss you.  It just happened.”


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