Snow Lovers Unite!

There are some things that don't go over well at this time of year.

One of the biggest is admitting that you think March snowfalls are just as beautiful as Christmasey December snowfalls.

A friend of mine admitted that she and her family are about to go skiing for their March break vacation. No doubt she's already weathered the storm of protest that she should be going south and soaking up some tropical heat, like any rational person.

However, my friend knew I would be excited for her, which I am.

She knows that One of These Things is Not Like the Others is my theme song. I prefer night time and gazing at the moon instead of bright sunny days. If its foggy and drizzly, I love how it transforms the landscape into an atmospheric backdrop for my imagination.

It just snowed here in eastern Canada -- several times this week -- and the general population seems about ready to go storming into the streets with torches and pitchforks if spring doesn't start within the next five minutes.


I think it's pretty.


Are you sick of winter?

Photo by Helen Tansey
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