The final night of Sting & Paul Simon - On Tour Together.

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Great Seats!!!
Last month I posted about the kick-off of Sting & Paul Simon - On Tour Together. Sunday 3/16 was the final night of their tour, and my husband and I were there! Four rows from the stage, almost directly in front of Sting. Great seats, a great catalog of songs performed together with mixed bands, then alone, both with their own bands and with the mixed bands.

How would I describe the show? AWESOME!

Three solid hours of rocking and dancing as we sang along. I think we sat for maybe three songs the entire night. It was fantastic to witness how much fun the individuals on stage were having; lots of laughter and goofing around, yet each song was performed to perfection. Even the first few songs with blood dripping down Sting's chin. The show started a bit late, because he cut himself shaving, and he couldn't stop the bleeding. The stage hands brought out a box of tissues so he could dab at the blood between songs. It finally did stop, but he proved not even blood will stop the show! It might delay it a bit, but the night went on ... until the last song with just Sting & Paul on stage with their guitars.

During one of Dominic Miller's solos, I shot him a thumbs up and he broke into this incredible smile. Dominic is Sting's lead guitarist. Later when they returned from their break - while Paul Simon and his band played - Dominic shot ME a thumbs up. How cool is that?

Even better, the next morning when we were waiting for our car at the valet, he was sitting on a bench near-by. We congratulated him on an awesome performance and got to talk with him for a few minutes. He said thank you before heading back inside & waved, saying 'Cheers' as he left us.

I think we're spoiled for any future concerts. Don't think anything can top this ... unless Sting comes up with another awesome duo tour.

For now, I'll bask in the glow of Sunday night's concert and I'll spend my days flipping through the incredible pictures and videos we took. Wish I could post them all for you, but here are a few to give you a flavor of the night.

Until next time, enjoy.


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