A to Z Blog Challenge -- O is for Oscar Night Party

Welcome to Day 15 of this year's A to Z Blog Challenge.

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My family has always loved watching the Oscars. The first broadcast I can clearly remember is the one for 1976, when One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest won for Best Picture and John Williams won for Best Original Score. I remember Jack Nicholson, Michael Douglas, George Burns and Louise Fletcher going up to the podium to accept their Oscars.

I haven't missed watching an Oscar broadcast since then.

For Day 16 --   

O is for Oscar Night Party

For many people, the presentation of the Academy Awards is a time to dress up, gather with other film lovers and have a glittery evening out on the town or at someone's home, in the hours leading up to the red carpet and then the awards show itself.

It's a way to share in the glamour of Hollywood -- and who doesn't like to be Cinderella-at-the-ball for a day?

For the most part, my family enjoys watching the awards show in the other most-preferred method -- comfy, at home in our pajamas.

However, one night the Academy Awards coincided with a night we were all available for a family dinner. So we turned it into an Oscar Night Party.

My mom and I created our own red carpet, along with Oscar-themed wall decorations utilizing olf film reels and strips of 16mm film from my film student days.

That's my cousin's husband Stephen MacLean at left, who went on to premiere his own first feature as co-writer and producer at last year's Atlantic Film Festival. You can read an interview with Stephen HERE about his experiences making Wisp. That's Stephen below with his co-writer and director Benjamin Stevens.

At right in the Oscar Party photo above is my husband Brad, who is a graduate of Toronto's New School of Drama program. He's acted in most of my film school projects and in my more recent book trailers, which I directed.

In between Stephen and Brad are my late grandmother, who always played piano, and Stephen's daughter Laura, who now dances competitively.

That's me in my Forsyte Saga/Gatsby look, rockin' that boa. I don't fuss too much with clothes as a day-to-day thing, but I do love costumes and dressing in formal wear for special events.

This is my cousin, romance author Julianne MacLean at left, with her bestie -- my sister, children's fantasy author Daisy Piper.

This is my Aunt Noel and Uncle Charlie, now retired from a career as regional advertisers here on Canada's east coast (original radio and TV spots, including the sentimental Halifax favorite for Casino Taxi)

These days my uncle is focusing on photography for Book Cover Art and interior decorating. Because he's retired...   

Some families gather round for Superbowl parties or Stanley Cup playoff parties, but my family is an Oscar Night Party crowd.

How about your family?

Photo by Helen Tansey
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