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I'm late posting today for a couple of reasons. The first is the topic. Yesterday, the news was filled with remembering the Boston Marathon bombing a year ago. As an athlete, I felt that might be the topic to write about today, but the more I thought about it the more I realized I couldn't go there.

I felt too many emotions; anger for the senseless act that killed four and injured two hundred and sixty innocent people, pain and sympathy for the people who were injured, awe for the ones who have had to overcome the loss of a limb. The strength these individuals have to move forward and continue living their lives made me cry. They are an inspiration to all.

Though, again, the anger sets in. INNOCENT people, they did nothing to those brothers, and yet they've suffered. My blood boils that our tax dollars are keeping the one brother isolated in prison. My thoughts became dark ... so I decided this is not the topic for me. I'll stop here and move on to more pleasant things.

My cats. Two lovable fur-kids. This morning was their annual vet visit. Rounding them up and getting them in the carriers was comical and took a few minutes. Once inside, they sat quietly until we got them in the truck for the drive over. Actually, he sat quietly. She ranted, mewling as if to say, "Why? Why? Why?"

They were weighed, vitals checked, teeth examined. All good, and then ... two shots each! Ouch. I think I cringed more than they did. They did fine! They're healthy and all is good for another year. Samba even got a kiss on the nose from the vet for being such a good boy. The visit was rounded out with nail trimming and back in the carriers they went. Once home, he closed himself in the bathroom - to pout maybe, and she went straight to the bowl for a nibble. They lightened my mood, made me realize how precious they are. My heart swelled with love.

Isn't it amazing how our moods can change so quickly? I think that's one of the reasons I write the kind of stories I write. To evoke emotion in my readers. I want to inspire, to help people step out of their comfort zones, to show them that courage can take them to a new level, if they'll simply take a risk!

In Passion's Race, CJ Fallon takes a huge risk, faces adversity, and learns the true meaning of family. She risks everything, even her life to prove her worth. Won't you join her on her journey?

Now that I'm in a better frame of mind, I should get back to finishing Passion's Spirit, book two in the Passion's Series.

Until next time. Hugs, Christine.

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