Epic Wednesday!

From the writing desk of Christine Mazurk

Last Wednesday was an epic day. The senior team from Brown Shoe Company rang the closing bell at the NY Stock Exchange to celebrate 100 years of trading. The NY Stock Exchange is celebrating it's 100th year, and Brown Shoe is one of the few companies that has been with them since day one and is still thriving.

Afterward, there was a magnificent party to celebrate. My husband is one of the senior team, so I got to tag along! It was held on the 54th floor of the World Trade Center 4. Fergie was there, along with several other celebrities. Jennifer Hudson put on a private concert and wowed the crowd.

There was a red carpet with photographers galore. A shoe cam - to showcase the glam shoes of the guests. Champagne, flowers, elegant seating, and more.

The view was to die for with the Statue of Liberty at her best. Every detail was exquisite from the decorations to the food and drinks. Tiny versions of your favorite food, artistically displayed and served: hot dogs with tiny rum and cokes, fish tacos with mini margaritas, quesadillas in tiny pizza boxes, bourbon with candied bacon, mini grilled cheese sandwiches - the list goes on. But imagine how fun it was to sample bite size treats throughout the evening. Sweet treats closed off the evening: mini banana splits, cherry pies, sundaes, again in bite size form!

Over 500 people attended and no one missed out. Pictures of the party made the news. J Hudson was featured on E News. And I'm still glowing from the evening of fun.

Who knows but the evening was so grand, it could end up in one of my books!!

         Until next time ... enjoy!

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