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At the beginning of my re-launched novel Vampires, Saints and Lovers you'll find this dedication:

"Though words are my tools in trade, I've never found any to truly express the depth of my gratitude for our friendship. So I shall simply say -- this book is for you, Connie."    

C is for Connie

Do you ever wonder about the people in dedications? I have always loved reading those as much as the books themselves.

Today I'd like you to meet Connie, the very best of best friends. She's been in my life since third grade. Recently she asked me to write up an obituary for her, as she was taking a course on death through her church -- I wrote it well into the future so that we'd both hit the 100-year mark. She loved it!

I was Connie's maid of honor at her wedding in 1987, after managing to throw a surprise shower for her on my trip home from Toronto. Ha Ha Ha! That was a good one.

Connie hosted one of my four bridal showers in 1992, as I basically had four places that were home for me -- still do.

Connie seals the deal on Brad's toast to the bride at my wedding.

Connie celebrated with my sister at her wedding in 2010 -- we all grew up as soul sisters. We all rejoice in each others joys.

When I entered the lobby of Radio City Music Hall in New York City for my 48th birthday -- to realize a bucket-list dream of seeing The Rockettes in their home venue -- Connie was there.

When friends and family yelled "Surprise!" for my husband's 50th birthday last year, Connie was there.

This is the Connie in my dedication. I hope you've enjoyed meeting her.

Photo by Helen Tansey
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