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Thursday, May 1, 2014

My Top Five Most Repinned Pictures on My Pinterest Page

Have you ever noticed which of your Pinterest pictures gets the most repins?

One of mine in particular is out-performing everything else on all of my boards by a large margin. Today I thought I'd look at the five most repinned images on my Pinterest boards.

In the Number Five Slot

Ballet dance partners, both onstage and off

9 repins


In the Number Four Slot

Ciaran Hinds as Brian de Bois Guilbert -- A&E's Ivanhoe miniseries, 1997

10 repins


In the Number Three Slot

Sean Bean as Boromir -- Lord of the Rings

11 repins


In the Number Two Slot

Spartans and Persians -- 300

12 repins


In the Number One Slot

Musician and actor Eugene Hutz

48 repins

How about your Pinterst page? Are you aware of your most-repinned images?

Photo by Helen Tansey
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