My Top Five Most Repinned Pictures on My Pinterest Page

Have you ever noticed which of your Pinterest pictures gets the most repins?

One of mine in particular is out-performing everything else on all of my boards by a large margin. Today I thought I'd look at the five most repinned images on my Pinterest boards.

In the Number Five Slot

Ballet dance partners, both onstage and off

9 repins


In the Number Four Slot

Ciaran Hinds as Brian de Bois Guilbert -- A&E's Ivanhoe miniseries, 1997

10 repins


In the Number Three Slot

Sean Bean as Boromir -- Lord of the Rings

11 repins


In the Number Two Slot

Spartans and Persians -- 300

12 repins


In the Number One Slot

Musician and actor Eugene Hutz

48 repins

How about your Pinterst page? Are you aware of your most-repinned images?

Photo by Helen Tansey
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