Wish List by Alison Bruce

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You see it on almost every sales page. If you can't buy it yourself, try to get someone else to buy it for you.

I'm not objecting. If nothing else, it's a great reference when people as what you want for your birthday. The trouble is, what I REALLY want can't be bought on Amazon or eBay. Even finding it online is a challenge at best.

Here's my Wish List, in case anyone thinks they can fill it. Some of the items are actually available online, but aren't in my budget. Others would require some seriously good contacts to make a reality.
  1. Small arms training.
  2. Mixed martial arts training concentrating on self-defense - including how to disarm your opponent.
  3. Interview with an RCMP Detective
  4. Interview with an OPP Detective
  5. SOC (Scene of Crime) course (for property crimes)
  6. IDENT course (for crimes against persons)
  7. Ekman METT/SETT course (micro expression and subtle expression training) 
  8. Practical Homicide Investigation by Vernon J. Gerberth (I already have the Field Guide)
  9. Ride-along with with either RCMP, OPP, City Police or, even better, all of the above.
  10. Autopsy (someone else, not me)
So, what's on YOUR Wish List?


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