Forget mortals - get sexy with a god - Jove's Passion, new from Evernight Publishing!

From  desk of romance author Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

In my late childhood years, on into my teens and forward, I found mythology to be fascinating.  I fell in love with the stories of old, the ancient powerful deities of another time and place.  I soon devoured my way through the Greek and Roman mythologies.  I moved onto to delve into Celtic gods and Native American beings as well.  And earlier this year, I had one of those slap the forehead moments with an idea I liked, an inspiration to write a series of short fiction titles about ancient gods who are living an ordinary life now that so few believe.

So the Love Immortal series idea was launched and pitched to Evernight Publishing.  Here’s the premise:

Love Immortal is a series of short (8-12 k) stories involving an ancient deity or being who falls in love with a mortal in contemporary times.  Designed for the Romance on the Go line, these tales each focus on a god or goddess from the past now living among humans in a rather mundane life.  But, since few believe in the old religions, they have little choice.  Their humdrum existence becomes far more interesting when each meets an ordinary mortal who become extraordinary to them.

The first book, Jove’s Passion, is now out and available.  Here’s the blurb:

Jupiter Jove, known these days as simply ‘Jay’, is so taken with journalist Skye Marcus that he wants more than a sexual encounter. Since the sky is Jove’s traditional realm, it seems somehow meant to be. She’s as willing as he but she has no idea who—or what—he really is or that he can control the weather.

When he tells the truth, she can’t handle it and runs from him. But Skye can’t stay away, returning to beg for a show of power that will change fate—for them both.

Here’s an excerpt and then buy oinks:

            “I prefer to be called Jay.”

            “But your given name is Jupiter Jove?” He thought he caught a teasing note in her voice.

            “Yes.” Jay decided to give very little information.  Let her extract what she sought.

            “No one ever called you Jupe, or even Jo?”

            He laughed. “No.  I’ve answered to Jupiter in the past or simply Jove, but Jay is simple.”

            “I suppose so.  Were your parents into Roman mythology?”

            Her question stunned him into a brief silence.  “You might say they were, yes.”

            “I couldn’t imagine any other reason for the name,” Skye said. “It’s unusual.  I’m sure you’re aware Jupiter and Jove are the same deity?”

            “Of course I am.  And tell me, where did you get the name Skye? The sky belongs to Jove, along with thunder.”

            “Ah, yes, king of the gods,” Skye said with laughter enriching her voice. “My mother’s grandmother came from the Isle of Skye in Scotland.  She suggested the name and my parents approved it.”

            So her family had strong traditions.  Jay liked that very much. “That makes it a very special name.”

            “Yes, it does.  Now, since it took me weeks to connect with you, let’s get down to business.  I’d like to interview you for my magazine, Skyewatch.”


            Whatever reply she might have expected, Jay doubted it had been his blunt question.  If he threw her, though, she recovered with speed. “You operate a very successful weather consulting firm, one of the best in the business.  In addition, you’re young, single, and elusive.  People would love to know more about you, Jay.  In today’s world, the public is hungry for details about celebrities.”

            “I hardly consider myself a celebrity,” he protested, although the idea flattered him. “I’m not a rock star or movie actor or on television.  I don’t write books and I’m not known for my athletic prowess.”



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