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Inspiration - it's all around us. You just have to pay attention.

I was asked the other day what inspires me to write? The first thought that popped into my head was, "what doesn't inspire me?" Everything and every one around me inspires something in my writing.

Long walks on the beach with the ocean gently washing ashore, the sun warming my skin. Epic hikes in the red-rock mountains with the river winding through. The breeze ruffling the trees outside my office window. Big fat raindrops landing on the sidewalk creating patterns like ink drops before rolling down hill to pool along the street. 

My cats snoozing on my reading chair. Dogs walking to the park with their tails wagging in happy anticipation, pulling their owners along. Bunnies and squirrels darting around the lawn. The tiny beautiful hummingbird that visits our balcony flowers, and the bright red cardinal who happily sits on the railing for hours.

Nature, animals, even my fellow human beings inspire settings, descriptions and characters. I've watched college students try unsuccessfully to parallel park, listened to the guy in the row in front of me on a plane talk non-stop to the poor guy sitting next to him. Five stories repeated endlessly on a three hour flight brings a vivid side character to mind.

The power of observation - watching and listening to people in airports or coffee shops adds value and unusual tics to some of my favorite characters. The ebb and flow of someone's voice can create a unique and captivating dialogue between my made-up friends. Paying attention to my surroundings allows me to paint vivid pictures with words. Descriptions that draw my readers in and keep them turning the pages to find out what happens next.

Riding my bike, running the park, paddling the kayak around the lake simulate my muse to bring life to my characters, making them seem real and turning them into friends, who remain with you long after the last page.

And lastly and I think most importantly, MUSIC inspires me. The mood and emotion evoked through music translates to the mood and emotion in my stories. All of my characters have their own songs, helping me build their current lives, backstories, and future "happily ever after's"!

Inspiration!! It's everywhere. Look around, smell the roses, listen with both ears and you'll understand the power of your surroundings. I certainly do!! Until next time - hugs ... Christine  

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  1. Another great tip for all writers and especially for new writers. Often we have a story we want to tell that sets us on the road to be a writer but then what. Without this tip many just stop. unsatisfied but don't know where to go for new ideas. World wide people, place, and things if you pay attention are where your imagination and creative mind form stories. Ease dropping, I call it catching part of the world as it goes by.
    Good Writing all


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