Sometimes Life Takes a Different Turn ...

From the writing desk of Christine Mazurk

Yesterday did not go as planned.

I had planned to get up, make my coffee, and spend a leisurely morning writing my post for today. Instead, late Monday night our son called to say his father-in-law had just passed away. My D-I-L, thank goodness, was there with the rest of the family. But my son was on his way to the emergency room - driving himself, I might add.  

Monday, he flew to Cleveland for business meetings. He said he had a strange pain above his belly button, but like most men, he thought indigestion. He finished his meetings, flew home, and still felt bad. Fifteen hours of indigestion didn't seem right. He got in his truck and drove to the emergency room. After a slew of tests at 2 a.m., they took him in for emergency surgery - his appendix needed to come out.

My husband and I slept a few hours then packed up the truck, cats included and spent nine hours in the pouring rain driving to Atlanta to be with him. Nine hours in the truck, listening to the news is pretty depressing. Isn't there any good news? The war, shootings, kidnappings... I can go on and on. By the time we got to the hospital, under the gray skies, my heart felt heavy.

Then a beautiful double rainbow appeared, stretching across the entrance to the hospital. My mind set changed. Things were going to be fine.

I had planned a different post, but due to the circumstances, I changed my mind. With everything that happened in the last twenty-four hours, and summer heating up. More beach time ahead, I decided to promote a great beach-read. A book that will have you laughing, crying, and sighing with happiness as you read the last page.

Sisters Of Spirit. Four women, universally connected, a hidden cove, a treasure found, the path to their destiny.

This anthology was a pleasure to write. Was it because the four authors have been "universally connected" for over ten years? Was it the overlapping of characters in each story? The characters' development? The love stories? All of the above!!!

The idea was born at the dinner table during one of our writers' retreats. Within minutes, we were creating our characters, defining their goals, motivations, and conflicts. We decided on the theme, and went to work.

Months later, while at another writers' retreat, we received the "phone call". Lachesis Publishing wanted to buy our story!

Available at all of your favorite retailers - in eBook and paperback, it's the perfect book to read to escape the barrage of sad and tragic news surrounding you. To embrace the wonders in your life.

Pick up a copy today. Splay your toes in the sand and take an exciting journey with Marina, Bryce, Clara, and Anastasia.

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Until next time ... Christine

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  1. Christine your life is beginning to sound like mine. I'm so sorry to hear about your DIL's Dad. Dad's are so precious and missed so when they are gone. I lost my Dad in WWII and my Step-Father who was a Prince. I loved him so as I did my real Dad. And I'm sure your Son scared you to death. I'm so glad it was something they could fix. Don't worry about the post, good news or bad we like to feel part of your life and this post was a remembrance to always look for the rainbow. My prayers and thoughts are already on their way to you and your family. The squeeze you feel is a Big Hug I'm sending.

  2. Big hugs Christine. I hope Michael is feeling better by the day. Thanks for sharing the rainbow and THE SISTERS OF SPIRIT. Happy writing.

  3. Christine, I'm so glad all is well. xoox jojo


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