Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

It's RWA national conference time, which makes me think fondly back to July of 2011 when I attended my first one in New York City.

Not only was having my very own Madcap Manhatten Weekend a dream come true for me, but one of the keynote speakers was Diana Gabaldon, whose Outlander series remains one of my longtime favorite reading crushes.

Thank heavens I'm a patient person.

It had already been twenty years since first reading Outlander when I found myself sitting at the conference listening to Ms. Gabaldon. At that time it still seemed that the only vision I'd ever get of Jamie Fraser would be my own version in my mind's eye. 

Look how much has changed since then -- in a few short weeks this series will come to the small screen!

Outlander on Starz premieres Saturday, August 9th

Outlander on Showcase premieres Sunday, August 24th

Photo by Helen Tansey
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