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I'm the author of Mystical Connections - Jenna Nichols is a young successful author who uses her psychic abilities to channel Universal messages through her writing. When she blows an interview with Aidan Scott, an all-about-the-facts journalist, she invites him on a journey as she researches her next story based on an old building in her dream.

Physical attraction, philosophical differences and something more mystical draws the two together and pulls them apart as they work to unearth what may become their common destiny.

She begins uncovering history that could change Aidan's life as he knows it and shade his black and white world with gray, while threatening to tear her own family apart. Will she continue on this path knowing what she might destroy along the way?

Do you believe in Universal connections?

As we celebrate the 5th birthdays of our rescued kitties, I have to admit I DO!

We lost our two beautiful black and white cats in 2009. Just three months and three days apart, the second leaving us on December 11th. They were both 18 years old and had traveled the world with us. The house was so empty.

We decided we would wait at least a year to find new babies, but the Universe felt differently. Or should I say "our purring guardian angels" had a different plan?! On Christmas Eve (just 13 days after Tequila passed) while visiting the kids in Atlanta a unique Christmas gift arrived.

We were walking the kids' three huskies. It was wet and windy and within two blocks of their house, a tiny ball of all black fur came barreling out of the bushes to sit on my feet. A tiny kitten with eyes sticky with infection. We took her to a rescue center - no chip, no way to identify her owners - so we took her to the place they bathe the dogs and gave her a bath. Little Miss Tango has been the best Christmas present we've ever received!!

We spent the next three weekends at the rescue center in Florida looking for a sister for Tango. But on that third weekend, a small all black male won our hearts. The volunteers were putting a kitten in a cage next to him and you could tell it was visibly scared. We watched as he reached through the opening to pat the kitten as if to say, "it's okay. You're fine!"

We signed the papers and Samba came home to meet his sister. They've been inseparable since!! It's hard to believe that just this week we celebrated their 5th birthdays! There are no words for the type of love they've brought to our home! We're truly Blessed!      

Until next time, hugs - Christine


  1. Hi my dear friend
    So glad to know you and your writing partners are doing so well. I hope your teaser on Mystical Connections hooks your audience. I love the book and love the story. I didn't realize how much it would reveal about our meeting and friendship. It seems impossible we started a star struck bond so many years ago. It seems like I just got off the plane from the Reno Nevada RWA conference where we had enough time to talk and find out how well we liked each other. Like Mystical Connections AH Ha moment it was our Moment. Your writing has progressed like our friendship. If you haven't read Christine's wonderful Mystical Connections you are missing a special story and a special revelation you will be the poorer for having not read the wonderful journey Jenna takes you on.

  2. Thanks Jo. Ten years almost and our annual get together in OKC! Priceless! So glad you enjoyed Mystical Connections. I can't wait to finish Passion's Spirit, so I can begin Anya's Story!!


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