The muse is happy ...

From the writing desk of Christine Mazurk

I've had problem spots in my current work in progress (WIP). Things that have slowed the story or tripped me up, but I'm excited to say everything has finally clicked into place, and my muse is dancing around like a crazy person. One that doesn't sleep much, because she's kept me up until 2 a.m. the last three nights, fingers flying, the keyboard on fire.

The action is moving, the stakes are high, the big twist is ready to pounce onto the screen. Two characters renamed themselves and I'm happy about that. The athletic journey has morphed within the romantic elements and the outcome is waiting at the finish line.

This book has felt like an Ironman Race to me.

But the finish line is within sight, and I'm taking another deep breath, putting one foot in front of the other - or in this case, one word after the other - to rip through the finishing banner with my hands held high. Then I can say the distance has been covered! Another medal has been earned! My readers will have another story to read!

Getting ready to type "THE END" unleashes all the other story ideas that have been shoved to the back corner of my brain for so many months. Anya Quinlan (the next Mystical book) is battling with Alexandra Chase (a new series). Who will win? Could they both get their story out next year?

The way my muse is flipping off the walls right now, it wouldn't surprise me. So, off I go to continue Passion's Spirit. Mike Dawson has some 'splaining to do ... we need to get to the bottom of his issues.

Until next time, hugs, Christine.
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